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    Smile Selling Ball Pythons.

    Merry (late) Christmas to everyone! I'm looking to get into the breeding game. I have about 2,000 dollars saved up. I currently have 1 normal male. I was wondering about selling BPs. I'm not "in it for the money", but obviously I cant support that many little baby snakes every season, so my question is where would one go about selling BPs. I've talked to my local reptile store and they say they would buy BPs, but I was wondering (because obviously they wont buy EVERY snake from every clutch). So if you guys could give me some good ideas (website, reptile expo ect.) that would be great!

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    Re: Selling Ball Pythons.

    Two of the most used online classified sites for reptiles. We also have a limited sales section here that you can take advantage of.

    Getting a table at your local reptile expos is another way of moving some babies...the financial feasibility of this depends on how many you have to sell and what you hope to earn. Sometimes you can share a table with someone else, to help defray expenses.

    Some folks move snakes through sources like craigslist and other general classifieds.

    Most of all...get as involved in the reptile community as you can. The more people you know, the more sources you have for finding well as having friends and folks that can vouch for your good reputation.
    -- Judy

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    Unless you have normals to get rid of at cheep prices, I wouldn't count on Craigslist. Here in Baltimore, snake people are not much loved on there, and even when I post ads with 20 dollar 'rehoming fees' I get flagged and my ads get removed.

    No love for snakes on craigslist! Its a shame!
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    Re: Selling Ball Pythons.

    Quote Originally Posted by geekypythongirl View Post
    Unless you have normals to get rid of at cheep prices, I wouldn't count on Craigslist. Here in Baltimore, snake people are not much loved on there, and even when I post ads with 20 dollar 'rehoming fees' I get flagged and my ads get removed.

    No love for snakes on craigslist! Its a shame!

    don't feel bad i kept getting called a flipper when i was on craigslist, i look but i stopped aquiring snakes on there caus most time they need a lot of work with to get eating and back up to wieght( if it was not simpley kept in wrong temps I don't mind the work just being called filpper when I try to find them new homes later on)

    best way to move snakes seems to be trading around morphs, shows and online if your cert to get shipping.
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    Re: Selling Ball Pythons.

    You should never breed more than you can comfortably take care of. Don't breed and then produce more than you want to care for yourself. When you choose to breed, you are responsible for these new lives that were created because of you.

    I've still got five normals sitting in my racks that I have no intentions of keeping long term that I take the same care of as any other animal in my collection.

    Truth be told, they're still sitting there, because I haven't really been trying to move them, certainly haven't advertised them yet. I've got a few mildly interested co-workers which is why I've still got them.

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    I agree with Robin...Don't breed with the thoughts of selling all the babies, ball pythons are not "easy" to sell, especially from a newbie stand point. Only breed what you are willing to keep and are prepared to take care of, then if you can sell them...good.

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