Wow, it's been longer than I thought since I posted last. Christmas week really had me slammed and even when I had a few minutes to come here, I simply didn't have the mental energy to compose anything. I really don't even now, but it's been too long already.

Last week I weighed in and had another zero week. It wasn't nearly so discouraging this time, as it seems like a pattern is coming out... 3 - 0 - 3 - 0 - 3.5 - 0 next weigh in (which was today) should be good...yes? No. Another zero today. WAS Christmas week. And while the week was filled with more joy and laughter than was still a stressful and difficult week in many ways. I didn't fall off the wagon in any big ways, but I did make some conscious decisions that I would not normally make. At least I can be happy that I didn't GAIN any weight over Christmas.

My littlest guy, Nathaniel, got sick on Christmas Eve...bless his heart. On Christmas morning, he was still very sick. Barely even looked at his stocking full of goodies. When everyone was up and ready to do the whole present-swap...I asked Nathaniel if he felt up to it. We could save his for later if he preferred. But he wanted to try. Each present he unwrapped made him feel a little bit better...and by the end of the big pile, he was fully himself again. Dean called it a "contact high from toys". He got to play with his cousins (everyone got a new NERF gun from Uncle Daniel and so they had a big nerf battle ). But it wasn't long before the poor little guy was back in bed and pretty much stayed there for the next two days.

Anyhow...I may be coming down with it. Started with a headache earlier, and am now feeling increasingly nauseous. Hopefully just a good night's sleep is all I'll need to feel better. So I'm off to that now.

Thought I'd share one of my favorite Scriptures tonight before I head off to bed...

He stretches out the north over empty space;
He hangs the earth on nothing.
He binds up the water in His thick clouds,
Yet the clouds are not broken under it.
He covers the face of His throne,
And spreads His cloud over it.
He drew a circular horizon on the face of the waters,
At the boundary of light and darkness.
The pillars of heaven tremble,
And are astonished at His reproof.
He stirs up the sea with His power,
And by His understanding He breaks up the storm.
By His Spirit He adorned the heavens;
His hand pierced the fleeing serpent.
Indeed these are the mere edges of His ways,
And how small a whisper we hear of Him!
But the thunder of His power, who can understand?
- Job 26:7-14

-- Judy