A Jurassic Milksnake is a hybrid between a flordia kingsnake and a honduran milksnake.

This little girl is for sale. I don't want to ship, as I have never shipped a live animal before.

She is slightly longer than two feet, and is a yearling at this time. I have her complete feeding/shedding record from her first arrival at the place where I got her from. I am also offering her entire cage setup, which includes locktop rubbermaid, bungie cord, water dish, hide, climbing branch, and one fake plant. I am keeping her heat pad at this time.

I can bring her and all the accessories to Lee Watson's swap. I am focusing on pythons and crested geckos in my herp collection. I am asking $230, but the price is negoitable. Trades for female or juvie crested geckos and spiders, or scorpions will be considered. Other gecko trades may be considered, (if you want to attempt a leopard gecko trade, I want high orange ones). Tiger ratsnake or IJCP female acceptable. If you have something you'd be interested in trading, send me an email and we'll chit chat.

These are clickable thumnails. The lighting wasn't the best for these photos, unforunately. Email me Schlyne @ yahoo.com (remove spaces) I can take paypal.