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    Why all loans should be drawn up in print.

    Ok this is a situation I am going through. About a year ago I sent a Pinstripe out for a breeding loan to be bred with a Desert male. The breeder was a friend of a friend and I was fine with the terms. In this deal I was guaranteed a male Desert no mater what. I understood the value differences and even stated I didn't even want half the clutch but was offered it anyways. Sometime in Dec. I was informed that the Desert wasn't locking up with the Pinstripe and I was given alternative male that could be put with her. I think at the time those males were Pastave, Pewter, and Super Sable. Now I had 2 out of 3 of those animals here and I didn't have any want to have any Sables or Sable Pins so I said no to that male. I was told at that time that the male Desert was breeding many females and I would still get my male Desert so I agreed to him breeding the Pin to other males, just not the Super Sable. Then a few months later I was told she has successfully bred with a Pewter, Pastave, Pastel Lesser Woma, and the Desert. Now is where is get a little hazy, the breeder started having Family problems and was very hard to get ahold of and at times seemed to be dodging me and others he had dealings with. After some emails and messages from one of his friends he finally contacted me and let me know everything was cool and explained how the last few months in his personal life had been hectic and I understood. Since then he has been in constant contact. The next major event in the deal came when I got a text saying he had 5 Deserts in the egg so I got my Desert. I was so excited I mean I wouldn't even have gotten into this morph for a while because of there cost, nut now I knew I had one. I saw pictures a few weeks later and asked him about them and I was informed that he had 1.4, sweet theres my male, in my head I was like when can I come get him lol. Well that wasn't the case, now the problem was the breeder had over worked his Desert male and another male and they had died. He couldn't let the only male go to me. At this point I wanted to scream I mean what part of "your guaranteed a male Desert" is true when the breeder keeps having problems that then become my problems. Ok so I want out of this deal he hasn't held up his end of the bargain so lets salvage something. Now mind you by his own admission I am still owed a male Desert, half of her clutch which as of last month is 4 eggs, and my Pin female. I had hinted to the fact that I wanted to just get out and trade for stuff to just call it the end, I was hinting to get a female Desert so I can say I at least am in that project. His ideas on it were he would give me a female Pewter, female Pastel Butter, and a female Lesser and if his buddy hatched out a male Calico that to, or something of equal value. Now here is where it gets fun. He will do all that for not getting me my "guaranteed" male Desert, for my half of the Pins clutch, and now he wants my Pin female. I tell him let me think about it, I mean I did just wanna get out of the deal but in what breeding loan does the owner of a proven female lose his female. Ok a few days pass I get advice form my peers and get yelled at by Liza for even considering trading off our oldest BP the one that started it all, I decided that was not an option. The breeder then says through text (who even responds to emails with a text anyways) that he never promised me a male Desert if his Desert didn't sire the clutch. Now I am at wits end, I would hope that with our mutual friend vouching for him he would want to do the right thing, but only time will tell. Now this is the reason why you should always draw up paperwork on any breeding loan, cover all foreseeable problems and have a back up plan. Word out exactly what you expect and know who you are doing the loan with.

    Thanks for reading my giant paragraph and I hope you learn something from it.
    Tim Johnson

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    Re: Why all loans should be drawn up in print.

    Bummer man.

    Stick to your guns. Get your girl, insist on your male, and let me know if you can use a guy like me to help you get your due.

    And yes, if it isn't Heather, get it in writing.
    I may not be very smart, but what if I am?
    Stinky says, "Women should be obscene but not heard." Stinky is one smart man.

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    Re: Why all loans should be drawn up in print.

    Tim,thats wrong Bro he owes you the male point blank.If he does not give you that male i would post his info so others will avoid him
    Joe Haggard

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    Re: Why all loans should be drawn up in print.

    Dang Tim, I'd be putting my foot down, You are owed that male and it should be given to you. Hang in there bud and make it happen!

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    Re: Why all loans should be drawn up in print.

    Eff that dude.

    I know who this clown is.

    Hard times or no hard times. A deal is a DEAL.....


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    BPnet Senior Member Dave Green's Avatar
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    Re: Why all loans should be drawn up in print.

    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Long View Post

    A deal is a DEAL.....


    What he said.

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    BPnet Senior Member jben's Avatar
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    Re: Why all loans should be drawn up in print.

    that sucks that someone doesn't keep their part of the deal. they are just abusing it now. like everyone else said put your foot down and demand what you deserve and expect, personally i would be knocking on his door.

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    BPnet Veteran Shadera's Avatar
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    Re: Why all loans should be drawn up in print.

    He worked the desert breeder to death and all he has to show for it is 1.4? Something's way off with this guy.

    Stick to your guns, Tim.
    Magickal Morphs

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    Re: Why all loans should be drawn up in print.

    Sadly, even if you had a written contract for a breeding loan, and you had to travel to another State to get satisfaction from the courts, and then either pay a lawyer or settle for a limited judgment from a small claims court, which would then be up to you to collect through a writ of garnishment or some other method, it likely wouldn't be worth the effort.
    If he's in the area, I would be inclined to offer Wes a percentage to collect the debt.
    Do not resuscitate

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    Re: Why all loans should be drawn up in print.

    Just out of curiousity...are you buying that he "worked" the two males to death? If's very sad...
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    Always by your side...
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