When I first got into the hobby with only a few snakes, I bought f/t at my local Petco. They sold "Gourmet Rodent" brand f/t. About half of the ones I bought were literally falling apart, and smelled vile when thawed; obviously either too old or had been thawed and refrozen numerous times. Of course I assumed it was Petco's fault, as it nearly always is, and I thought I'd send an email to the Gourmet Rodent to let them know that this particular Petco was not keeping their products properly. They did contact this Petco, but also offered me a full cash refund for the bad rodents I'd bought.

With a growing snake collection and no local place that sells rodents for a decent price, I put the money toward an order of 100 rats and a few mice. I received my order the next day. The rats are all in great shape, seem very fresh, and I have had no further problems.

So, if you are looking to start ordering f/t online, I highly recommend the Gourmet Rodent! They're great people with top notch rodents.