For various reasons I have my collection up for sale. Please, local to AZ only. I will not ship!
If interested in any of the following, please contact me for pricing/pictures or any other information.

Cash sales only


Spider (breeder)

Mojave (breeder)

Cinny (Proven breeder)

Double Het albino/pied - genetics can be proven (breeder)

'09 Pastel

'09 Lemon Blast

'09 Albino


Pastel (1320gr) Live ASF eater

Lesser (breeding to mojave) (1850gr) Live ASF eater

(possible) Het Albino (Proven breeder/not proven het - breeding to Double-het. she just had her POV shed) Will sell after she lays

(possible) Het Pied (breeding to Double-het)

Normal (granite looking breeding to Cinny)

Normal (breeding to spider)

Normal (breeding to Mojave)

Normal (Proven breeder -bred to cinny - should have eggs within a week) will sell after she lays

I will also have 2 homemade racks (w/tubs) with heat tape & T-stat, a homemade incubator (available after eggs hatch), 16 heavy duty rodent transport containers, 8 rodent cages with hopper/water bottles, chest freezer and some misc stuff.
*Racks, incubator and freezer only after snakes/eggs are gone

This is not a fire sale. At the same time all FAIR offers will be considered.

Again - local to Arizona only

Thank you