It took quite some time to get everything set up, but I finally finished my new mouse breeder tank. I took a 20 gallon fish tank and sectioned it off into thirds. So I have three different compartments. This tank holds my breeder females.

Each section wall is plexiglass that's been glued into place using fish tank caulking. So, there's no way the mice can mingle. The plexiglass goes all the way to the top of the tank, so there's no jumping. With how I set up the waterbottles, the mice also can't climb. No escapees lol. For those wondering, the mice in the first two sections are from my latest litter. I'm waiting for them to get bigger before I breed them. They're too small right now.

The waterbottles have various things tied to them. These are threaded up through the lid and then bent down so that the weight of the lid + water bottles holds it in place.