Hey all, I just found out that the Northern Berks Reptile Show will be joining the Reading Pet Expo March 19-21 and the Reading Expo Center. The cool part of this for me is that I'll be attending the Pet Expo with my Danes as part of the Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League, so will definately be there . I am scheduled for Saturday 3/20 from 5PM till close. I will be hanging out at our table most of the night, but will be wandering around some as well if the pups get antsy. If any of you are fans of Big Dogs, please stop by to meet mine and others or feel free to stop by to meet me anyway! I'll be the really short girl with one black and white (Mantle) Dane and a brown with black splotches (Chocolate Merle) Dane. Hope to see a bunch of you there!!