I checked on her at 9pm and she was near death. While it looked like she was trying to give birth, she was just too weak to do it. She was laying in the corner, looking dead. She didn't even respond when I picked her up. She lay in my hand gasping. I culled her and dissected her. I found nothing wrong with her internally that I could tell. Of course I have never dissected a mouse and I am not sure what mouse organs should look like. The babies didn't seem stuck but again, I am not a veterinarian. She had 13. She would have been a first time mom judging by her size.

I did take a picture of the end of the dissection, after I had "delivered" all the babies from her uterus. They all seem a good size but were ice cold to the touch. I didn't wait long before culling her before cutting her open. It was a matter of sitting down in a chair and starting the incision. If anyone would like to see the picture, send me a PM, or I could post it here.