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Thread: I give up!

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    BPnet Veteran dc4teg's Avatar
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    I give up!

    these bills are killing me, hr669, s373 and all the others..... What i dont understand is why the heck is banning pets so freaking important when we are in a depression (its not a ressesion anymore IMO) anywho im tired of sending emails. So what im going to do is keep my one ball python and dont care. just my personal self $00.02 cents
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    BPnet Veteran steveboos's Avatar
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    Re: I give up!

    Well as i and many others will completely disagree with you, in all honesty that is the way the situation has become. No one else cares about reptiles, it doesn't matter, they don't own any reptiles, all they own are cats and dogs. We can't give up and there is still a long way to go before this is all over and done with.
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    Re: I give up!

    We cannot give up now. We have to keep up the fight. Giving up is what our enemies at PETA and H$U$ want us to do.
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    Re: I give up!

    Quote Originally Posted by dc1 View Post
    these bills are killing me, hr669, s373 and all the others..... What i dont understand is why the heck is banning pets so freaking important when we are in a depression (its not a ressesion anymore IMO) anywho im tired of sending emails. So what im going to do is keep my one ball python and dont care. just my personal self $00.02 cents
    I had a few questions for you but I erased them. It really upsets me when folks such as yourself makes these kind of statements. Why you may ask?

    I am also from the great state of South Carolina. We live in one of if not the most reptile friendly state there is.

    My family and I are fighting with all our might. We only own a few boas and do not plan on breeding them or selling them. So this ban would do nothing to us personally but....WE are fighting as if it would.

    On a professional level, YES the ban would effect us. It would decease the Reptile shows we are involved in, if not make them ALL go away.

    What if this ban was about dogs and they wanted to ban the 1.1 type of dogs you have? Would you not fight for them? Would you not want EVERYONE to fight for them?

    I hope I have missed read your post, if that is the case I apologize!

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    Re: I give up!

    This is disappointing. Due to some personal reasons I felt it necessary to re-home my snakes, and I am very greatful to the person who took them for me. And it was a painful decision. So currently, I don't even have any pets, but I am helping fight this to the best of my ability because I hope to get some more reptiles in the future once I get things stabilized. I have sent literally hundreds of faxes, e-mails, and phone calls. This is all I can do for now and I feel bad that I can't do more. I'm not fighting for what I have. I'm fighting for freedom of choice. I'm fighting for what I hope to accomplish in the future. So, to just sit down and give up, especially when you have the pleasure of owning and interacting with one of these amazing creatures, is kind of weak, and I hope you will reconsider your stance...

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    BPnet Lifer mainbutter's Avatar
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    Re: I give up!

    Not everyone has it in them to fight for a cause. I don't blame them for our problems, I blame PETA, HSUS, and those elected officials who are behind it all.

    How many of you have written your elected officials about all your personal beliefs on issues related to government?
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    BPnet Veteran Elise.m's Avatar
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    Re: I give up!

    I'm curious as to what the objective was in posting this thread. I know it can be overwhelming at times, all the e-mails, calls, websites to sign up on... But we need all the support we can get from each other right now. And seeing someone, even if it's just one person, say they give up isn't very encouraging. Granted majority of us will keep fighting even if we see people laying down while the bill pushes on. I just hope this didn't make even more people feel like the fight isn't worth it, because it is.
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    BPnet Veteran SNIKTTIME's Avatar
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    Re: I give up!

    Well, the way I see it is if they pass these laws, they will have their foot in the door to ban everything else. So I say when is enough, enough? If we sit idly by and let them ban all big snakes then they will be bored and go after other things. If you wait until it personally affects you then it will be too late IMO. I say send a message now that they will have a major fight on their hands and maybe they will back off a bit.

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    BPnet Veteran Eventide's Avatar
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    Re: I give up!

    I completely understand where you're coming from. I'm tired of fighting this crap, too. It all seems futile, really. Stupid usually wins the day, while thought goes out the window.

    I'm still gonna fight, though, no matter how I think this will turn out. I would be forever angry with myself if I didn't do anything and we lost our rights. It's much easier to live with "Well, we did our best," than "I wonder what would've happened if I'd done just a little bit more to help."
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    Registered User Bhikku's Avatar
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    Re: I give up!

    I'm not all that worked up over it, because a) I know no American elected officials are listening anymore, and b) I will keep whatever animals I like, regardless of whether or not it's legal.

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