ok I want to ask I think I done so beforer in a gerenal post. I was wondering on breeder/large collection people if they found a place to get stuff in large bulk quanities. I looking for suff like aspen ( shredded or shavings), pine, and possible other every day used supplies. Online dealers or what not. I know with my recent purchase of a newer set of wheels. I got less money to buy supplies until spring. and was wondering if anyone had a bulk dealer. I don't have a proper place to store ( pallets of such supplies) but I know it killing me getting a 8cubic ft bag of aspen and at least 2-3 of pine for the rodents and snakes. not counting food for rodents. I know it might be just as much if not a little more online due to shippnig but if I can save in volume then I can live with it. The aspencurrently has to be special order anyhow.

I spending about 23 bucks on a 8.0 cubic ft of aspen shaving I was wondering if a larger volume bag are possible to order and shipp with some thing like pine ( paying 7 buck a 4.0 cubic ft bag that often damp from the local feed store). I getting about 2 months out of my food mix ( goat and seed with some dog food to chew on since i can't get the maxe locally)

also I like keeping shavings in the snake cages since they like to burrow in it on most the snakes. SO I am opent to other ideals for bedding and no newspapre not an option since they just take it and place in water bowls everytime ( tried) .. I know the snake byte guys got either the shredded aspen or some thing else and I sent them an email with the question but other ideals will make it easier.

Not got any palns for reptile shows until about next fall so that out.