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    Ready for hots? Not quite, but still would like to hear input.

    Well then, I thought I would start trying to get into the ball forums more, I have posted in quite a few posts but this is my first time in the venomous forums. Anyways I have thought about this for awhile and I have always wanted a Venomous Reptile. I want a Copperhead, and a Gila Monster. I will not be able to have a Gila Monster until I move out of Georgia, which will not be anytime soon or ever. I am currently nineteen and I have been around and kept/worked with herps (especially snakes) since I was four or five. These are the animals I have had before I sold/gave them away because of something happening in my life.

    1.1.3 Morelia viridis (Green Tree Python)
    3.2.0 Python regius (Ball Python)
    1.0.0 Morelia spilota (Carpet Python)
    1.0.0 Aspidites ramsayi (Woma Python)
    0.0.1 Varanus indicus (Mangrove Monitor)
    1.0.0 Varanus panoptes (Argus Monitor)
    1.1.0 Corallus caninus (Emerald Tree Boa)
    1.0.0 Leiopython albertisii (White-lipped Python)
    WC 1.1.0 Lampropeltis getula getula (Eastern Kingsnake) [then bred them by accident when I put them both in the same cage. I was like 11 we have all done stupid things.] =D
    Too many other corn and other kingsnakes to name.

    Anyways I don't think that going around a year without being bit by some of these means any thing, especially since they were all captive bred. (besides the pair mentioned) So anyone know of any really nasty snakes to maybe train me a little better? Also I do not believe in handling any venomous animal. Whether it be spider, pede, scorpion, lizard, or snake. I know I would have to do cage maintenance but I have worked with hooks in the past, and I think I could do it with a Copperhead, but then again I don't know. I would also love to be an apprentice if there is anyone in Georgia willing to teach me? I know the risks involved, and its not about IF you will be bitten but WHEN. Either way I would love some advice or just talking about with some of my peers. Thanks everyone and I hope some people reply.

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    Re: Ready for hots? Not quite, but still would like to hear input.

    I have to disagree with the old saying its not if its when. I think when people become to comfortable with there animals and start taking short cuts is when they get tagged.

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