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    BPnet Veteran SPJ's Avatar
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    New Box Design from Ship Your Reptiles

    Let's just say I liked the old style when they first started. They were the same as the Superior boxes. White with red lettering.
    Now, I'm not too thrilled with them. The perishable print is much smaller and All Pro Shipping wraps around the box. OK. I can live with that. What I don't like is the fact that LLLReptiles's logo and website is plastered on the box (larger than the perishable writing).
    I am not LLLReptile. I have never done business with them and they have a spotty record on the BOI. I do not like their logo on MY shipment.
    All Pro Shipping is fine but the LLReptile logo, that needs to go IMO.

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    BPnet Veteran Blue Apple Herps's Avatar
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    Re: New Box Design from Ship Your Reptiles

    Yes, I see what you mean! I need to order more supplies soon, and if I end up getting those, I'll definitely be covering all that crap with larger, more clear perishable signs.

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    BPnet Veteran nixer's Avatar
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    Re: New Box Design from Ship Your Reptiles

    good thing i saw this now i know not to order boxes from SYR!

    BOI or not its simply unprofessional to have some other reptile business name on your shipping boxs

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    Registered User Tyler_Royality's Avatar
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    Re: New Box Design from Ship Your Reptiles

    I will definitely bring this up to at tinley park. because they make no money on shipping, there making money on selling shipping products. And I refuse to purchase boxes with on them.

    does anyone know.. why they started this? has always been affiliated with LLLReptile? or is this just a new marketing agreement between the two companies?
    Royality Ball Pythons

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    BPnet Veteran 2kdime's Avatar
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    Re: New Box Design from Ship Your Reptiles

    I bought my boxes from SYR when I needed to ship amd shipped with my Fedex account.

    Ill buy from Superior now.

    I'm like you SPJ, I don't want a crummy companies logo on my package either.

    Tyler-I'll bet its paid advertising, they paid SYR to put they're logo on the boxes. Just a guess though.

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    Reptiles EVERYWHERE! Foschi Exotic Serpents's Avatar
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    Re: New Box Design from Ship Your Reptiles

    Man im glad i read this before ordering more boxes! What i have now must be the originals because it doesnt have someone elses name on it. I agree. I wont buy something with someone elses advertising on it.

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    BPnet Veteran J.Vandegrift's Avatar
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    Re: New Box Design from Ship Your Reptiles

    Yep, I am done with buying supplies from them if this is true. Superior enterprises prices are pretty similar and you don't have to deal with having some wholesaler and competitors logo on your box. Really a dumb move if SYR decided to do this.
    John Vandegrift

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    BPnet Veteran tonkatoyman's Avatar
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    Re: New Box Design from Ship Your Reptiles

    There is another possibility. LLLreptiles may have purchased some boxes with their logo and SYR shipped you a bundle of them by mistake. I would call and ask for replacements without the add. Then judge by their response what to do next.

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    BPnet Veteran 771subliminal's Avatar
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    Re: New Box Design from Ship Your Reptiles

    Quote Originally Posted by tonkatoyman View Post
    There is another possibility. LLLreptiles may have purchased some boxes with their logo and SYR shipped you a bundle of them by mistake. I would call and ask for replacements without the add. Then judge by their response what to do next.
    if you look at the pic on the site it even has lllreptile on the boxes.
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    BPnet Veteran m00kfu's Avatar
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    Re: New Box Design from Ship Your Reptiles

    The following was posted by Robyn on another forum. Since this thread just popped back up thought I would bring it on over.

    Quote Originally Posted by Robyn@SYR
    Hi everybody : )

    Life is busy, time flies by, I don't get much forum time nowadays.

    Regarding the LLL ad on the boxes. We have a great passion for reptiles and the reptile industry, and I take reputation and integrity very seriously. That said, LLL Reptile is an excellent company. Excellent!

    It is run by one of the real good guys, and they do TREMENDOUS amounts of business. But you have to have perspective. LLL is not a boutique breeder, and they don't handle 5 orders a day.

    They are one of the largest privately owned companies in the industry, and their volume, both dry goods and animals, is just incredible.

    If you want the small boutique experience, the boutique hand holding, then shop with a boutique seller. There is no problem with that.

    For what they do, in the class with their competitors, they do a tremendous job. Loren at LLL is a tremendous guy. He has given much blood sweat and tears to the industry over many years. I have met most of the mover and shakers in the hobby, and he is one of the best, no doubt.

    But again, the time that I spend with reptile customers at Pro Exotics, by phone or email, is perhaps 10 times the amount of time that Loren can spend. But he has more than 10 times as many customers. It is all about perspective.

    Even with LLL having a 99% satisfaction rate, that 1% equates to 6+ customers EACH WEEK that have some sort of beef. I have always known Loren to handle those problems quickly and appropriately.

    As a note, we do indeed sell wholesale and surplus animals to LLL. LOTS OF BREEDERS do. LLL doesn't breed much of anything themselves, they get their stock from breeders, both the largest, and the smallest. That is the reality, and there is nothing wrong with that, there is no other way to move the ree-donk-u-lous quantity of reptiles that their customer base buys every day.

    As for the ad itself, sorry if you were offended. That ad is on just one of our box sizes, and WAS ABSOLUTELY FREE to LLL. No charge. Nada. Not a penny. The printing plates alone were over $500, and he didn't pay a penny for those either.

    Loren was really helpful in the early stages of, when we were brainstorming ideas and possiblities. He offered great insight for a company on this kind of scale. He is one of the larger shippers in the reptile industry (and he SHIPS WITH FEDEX, not SYR!). I thought it would be a nice gesture to include a small LLL banner when we started custom printing boxes. I had no idea that some folks would hate it. I can understand the ad reaction, just not the LLL specific reaction.

    But right on, we will take it into account for future runs (the run we did was a limited number). As for supplies themselves, Superior drop ships them for us, and our margin on boxes and supplies is paper thin. I couldn't even buy lunch for my guys on what we make on supplies each week, as we sell them at the same price as Superior does, Superior does NOT offer wholesale, and the arrangement is more about convenience and execution, it has nothing to do with additional profit. My goal with that supplies relationship was just not to LOSE money, and that is just about where we are at with it, really, I actually laughed out loud when some suggested we were greedy, out to make more money, add to the bottom line, or what have you, because that couldn't be further from the truth.

    Drop shipping works well most of the time, but can be a real bind when Superior runs out of bags for two months at a time...

    If you have feedback on the ShipYourReptiles service, good or bad, send it my way. I didn't have a clue about this thread until it was 4 pages long. I am open to any constructive criticism, email me directly anytime.

    Onward and upward : )

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