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Most ironic/funny thing that happened to me so far.

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Quote Originally Posted by Neal View Post
So I'm laying down and I get a text from a number I don't recognize saying: "I'm pregnant."

So my initial thing was to go through my head and count off who I've been with in the time from of 9 months. I crossed those off immediately because of the area code but I was still concerned it was a girl from June, which would put her around 8 months. That was only until I rationed that her mother or grandmother which are friends with me would of told me way before that.

So naturally this is how the rest of the convo went:

Me: And I don't know who you are?
Them: From about a month and a half ago? God how many girls do you smash rawdog.

Now at this point, I know it's not possible becasue I've been in a foul mood with two friends and my aunt passing, my aunt which was in the beginning of January. So I'm just humoring the person now, and the whole "smash" thing threw me off because most proper people don't use that term, especially girls, and rawdog was kind of out the blue as well. Regardless, I thought I'd humor them.

Me: But congrats?
Me: Lol. Nice try. Who's this anyways?
Them: You don't remember me? You answered my ad on craigslist about a month and a half ago
Me: I don't look on craigslist for sex or chicks.
Me: And I'm a virgin
Them: BS I met you there
Me: Okay. But that doesn't change the fact I'm a virgin.
Them: Lol that's a lie you d'ed me down like no man before
Me: Lol. You've got jokes.
Them: No babe I'm for real
Me: Well let me do it again. Come over. Lol.
Them: Lol wtf
Me: I'm just playing along
Them: I just text a random # for s and giggles
Me: I figured.
Me: I hope you're a chick though otherwise you've got a strong feminist side. Lol.
Them: You were scared don't lie
Them: Lol I'm totally a chick
Me: I'm honestly not. I'd man up to my responsibilities if it were true.
Me: But how are you doing. I'm Neal.
Them: I'm Lindsey nice to meet ya

So for the past few hours I've been talking to this person, who texted me from her actual cell instead of her work phone. She seems pretty cool though. However, she won't give me her last name to look her up on facebook. This is mainly because I'm curious as to what she looks like so I can start my game .

I just figured I'd share with you all to make you laugh and I left it family friendly, or at least I think I did so that way it doesn't get moved to QT.

I will let you know if she's hot or not though if/when I manage to get her facebook or a picture, lol.


  1. STjepkes's Avatar
    Haha that's a pretty great story and pretty damn funny, man.
  2. Masonic's Avatar
    Any update on this?
  3. EasiGregory's Avatar
    So DID you smash that rawdog!?
  4. Boomerang's Avatar
    LMAO this gives me ideas.
  5. Mysnakeislong's Avatar
    where is the followup blog tho??
  6. RhodaDiane's Avatar
    bahaha great laugh for a boring morning at work!!
  7. Neal's Avatar
    Lol, sorry. Yea she was hot, but a bit stuck up so nothing ever happened.
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