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My mom and my snakes

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Today turned out to be a great day. My mother came over and asked if she could play with a few of my snakes. Well to be honest she really didn't ask. She just headed back to the snake room and started to pull open tubs. lol She has always loved animals of all sorts, I really think that this is where I got my love of animals. She was always bringing home different pets for my sister and I.

I was very proud of the way she just reached into a tub and pulled out the snakes that she wanted to play with. She showed no fear even when my spider mojave started to hiss at her. She said that she wouldn't let a little bp with attitude stop her from playing with it. She spent over 2 hours just playing with my bp's.

The last snake that she played with was my newest addition, a beautiful '10 Coral Albino. The boa has behaved perfectly since I bought her, but I am always concerned about someone handling one of my new pickups until I have time to work with them. I want to know exactly how they are going to behave. i really didn't want my mom to get bit handling my snakes. before I could stop her she pulled the boa's tub open, and reached in for the boa.... Well to my relief she wasn't bitten. My little boa behaved perfectly for her. Mom had her out for well over an hour, and the boa seemed to enjoy every minute.

My mom is going to watching my house for the next few days while I go out of town. The only question that she asked was if she could take the boa for a walk with her. I asked her to leave the snakes alone while I was away. I can hear it now. I don't know how it happened but one of the bp's is missing. lol She was having none of this. She told me to answer her question because if she is staying at my house she was going to have free reign to play with any snake that she would like. How do I argue with the free help? I can't is the answer. I am sure that they will be alright though.

I did post pics of her with a few of my snakes though.

Now I just have to talk her out of wanting one for


  1. hitman3303's Avatar
    You are lucky, my mother won't even go in the basement where mine are located in a closed off room . . .lol. My mom is way to girly girl to ever get near a snake. I am happy that my sons have picked up on the ones I have. It is the first real hobby we enjoy together . . . .good bonding moments.
  2. samthemanz3n's Avatar
    My mom makes me keep all of my snakes outside but she sort of likes them. She just can't watch me hold a mouse and then feed it to a snake. She claims that if she sees one eat she'll save the mouse lol !!
  3. BenjamineDupont's Avatar
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