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Judy's Weightloss Journey

Day Seventysix -- Haven't Given Up!!

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I know it's been quite awhile since I've posted here...but I can assure everyone that I haven't given up...not in the least. The last two weeks showed a significant slow-down in weight loss...only 1.5 pounds each here's my little dancing guys for three pounds over two weeks. Because even though it's slower than I would like, it's still definite progress in the right direction!

I don't think it's because my eating habits changed...they haven't really. Maybe a little more whole grains in a given day...but I'm still very low on overall caloric intake and 100% healthy foods. I haven't slipped up even once during this last six weeks and I'm very proud of myself for that. I think the change came from a change in my activity level. The last two weeks I've been chained to my desk a lot more than I usually am and I haven't been nearly as active as I was the first few weeks of this endeavor. So...lesson learned. Get off my butt and move! LOL Took a nice long walk today, despite the significant chill in the air. It was still a lovely day. is the last day of the Six Week "cleansing period" of this program. My weigh-in day isn't until Wednesday morning. so I won't give a total weight loss for this part of the journey until Wednesday. But whatever the total ends up being, it's nothing to sneer at. I'm very proud. I feel really good. The cravings for junk are very much under control, and that is such a huge blessing, I can't even tell you! Not to say I don't still feel twinges of them...but I'm learning to shut those thoughts down very quickly and not let them escalate into a big issue. It's SO much easier to resist that first thought than it is to resist the mountain that thoughts can grow into if you let them. And if I'm truly longing for something sweet and dessert-like, I'll treat myself to some freshly cut melon...or a fruit smoothie. If I want something crunchy, a crisp tart apple does the trick. And for a salty snack, some toasted soy nuts are great. But all of that I still try to keep in moderation. I'm learning that I don't need to snack just for snacking's sake. All in all, some tremendous changes in my life, and I couldn't be happier. (Well...I'd be more thrilled if I could lose 8-10 pounds a week like the girls do on "Biggest Looser"... But I really am happy!)

What changes after today? The last time I did this program, I looked at the first six weeks as a goal in itself...a finish line. And throughout that six weeks, even though I was successful in practice, I was not focused on a bigger picture or on the lessons my body was learning. All I could think about was the finish line. And once I got there...I began to allow myself to slide back into old habits. Not right away...but I paid little attention to my choices or the reasons behind them...and the good habits built in six weeks took only a few months to dissolve away completely. THIS time is completely different. This time, the first six weeks is just for "cleansing" and there is no finish line at the end of it. In part it is cleansing my body of the glut of unnatural chemicals and preservatives that our typical diet is loaded with. And also a cleansing of the mind and detach myself from the emotional attachment of food, and to learn not just new rote habits, but WHY these habits are so critical to my life. And also a chance to learn how to use these tools to avoid the pitfalls of temptation, holidays, visiting relatives, stress, etc.

So after today, I'll allow myself a little more flexibility. Coffee...for starters. I have really missed that. And I'm not a huge coffee drinker...which is why I feel it is ok to let it back in. The occasional cup of coffee will be wonderful to experience again. And I will allow myself small servings of lean, healthy meats from time to time...but not more than 2-3 times a week, at most. But really not much changes other than that. I still have too much weight to lose to up the calorie intake even a little bit...and this program has been the absolute best way I've ever found to control my calories and be happy doing it. I'm sticking with it!! Eventually...when I feel I've reached a weight/size I would be very happy living with the rest of my life...then I'll add back in a few special pizza once in a while. According to the author of this program, a life-time style of eating 90% whole veggies, fruits and grains...and 10% of whatever else you a very healthy, balanced way to live. I look forward to reaching that point. But I know I'll always have to be very careful about certain "trigger foods". Diet soda will never be a part of my lifestyle again. Fast food is off the list forever. Bagged chips and similar junk food (even the so-called "baked" stuff) will be off the list forever. I've decided that if I want chips badly enough, I can make my own. (Tried some home-made whole-wheat baked pita chips the other day...was yuuuummmmmy!)

Anyhow...that's a lot for one blog. I do want to touch on one more thing though. I have been somewhat discouraged by how little attention the blogs have gotten. Not just mine, but all of them...and all the unwritten ones, too. So I'm thinking that this will be my last blog here. Instead, I will start up a new "member's forum" and hopefully that will encourage people to feel more a part of the journey with me, rather than just a handful of spectators. It seems fitting to start something new with the next new phase of my journey. So keep an eye out for it. Maybe tonight...but more likely tomorrow, I'll get that set up...and then will continue my daily (well, ok....not "daily"...but certainly more frequent than as of late!) blogs within the forum format.

I'll miss my pretty green colors here...but my hummingbird can go with me.

And all things, whatever you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.
- Matthew 21:22

Until then...
-- Judy



  1. smd58's Avatar
    Any weight loss is a loss, and good. I to gave up tons of junk foods, but starnge enough i also chose to keep the coffee.
  2. rabernet's Avatar
    Congrats Judy on your determination - I'm very proud of you!
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