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Judy's Weightloss Journey

Day Fortytwo -- Of Salads and Kids

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Things are going pretty good so far! Feeling better every day. Sometimes I think, "Geez, I really don't want to eat more salad right now!" But when I think that, I either come up with something different but equally healthy, or I just knuckle down and have some salad.

But ya much as I sometimes get tired of eating salad...I also get tired of talking about it. 'Tis why I skipped writing yesterday...just didn't have anything new to say. Right now, I'm struggling with a teenager acting like the world has come to an end because I asked her to be quiet for a few minutes while I try to write. She's been chatting on Skype with a friend for the last 3-4 hours...I come in and sit down to write...and I TRY to write with her talking constantly beside me...but it's just not working. So I ask nicely, if we can have a few minutes of quiet until I'm done. You'd have thought I asked her to shave her head and burn all her teddy bears. So now...instead of a peaceful sort of quiet, I've got simmering petulance. It's almost harder to compose under this atmosphere than it was under the constant chatter.

Ah well...she's really a great kid. I'd say 95% of the time she's understanding and considerate. But when she IS in that 5% zone...ouch! She's a blessing though! I truly have rare treasures in all three of my kids. (That's them in the picture to the right) Petra is 17...growing up WAY too fast!! I can't believe she graduates this spring...and in less than a year will be moving out of our home to go to school in Texas. As much as moments like tonight irritate me, I don't know what I'm going to do when she's gone....seriously.

Then there's the boys. Austin is 14...and just as sweet as you could ever want a boy to be. He's always helpful and considerate. He's often trying to make people laugh, and getting better at it all the time. Every now and then, he'll come out with a one-line zinger from out of nowhere that will have us all rolling on the floor laughing. Nathaniel is my baby...he's 8. He's my romper...constantly outside with friends running all over the place on scooters or bikes, or building "club houses" out of all our still-packed boxes in the garage. He's not as demonstrative with his affection as my older two, and that sometimes makes me sad...but he's super sweet and super smart and sometimes I think I'll just burst with how much I love my kids.

One of our biggest blessings in life is how well they all get along together. Sure, they have their spats...sometimes Petra can get a bit sharp and/or bossy with the boys....but such moments are ALWAYS short lived and quickly forgotten. Most of all, they just laugh together a lot and the older two dote on their little brother. Petra and Austin are both in high school this year...and both in band together. One day, Petra was in the band director's office and he mentioned to her, "I really like your brother." And Petra grinned and said, "I do too!"...which totally floored Mr. Olivas. He told her in all his years of teaching school, he'd never heard a kid happily admit something like that about their sibling.

So yeah...she's irritated me tonight. But like the spats between the's short lived and quickly forgotten.

I want to be around for a VERY long see them all grow watch them marry and to play with my grandkids with all the fun and energy of a much younger person. THAT is why I have to stick with this and love each and every salad I eat.

But Jesus said, "Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven."
- Matthew 19:4

So...go eat some salad!
-- Judy

Updated 10-11-2010 at 12:59 AM by JLC



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