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  1. My Desert / Mojave clutch

    The most anticipated clutch of ours this year. The Desert / Mojave clutch was due to hatch 9-14-2010. So on Wednesday, six days early. Theresa, my number one gal around here, and I decided to take a peek. I don't usually cut eggs early. I figure they have been coming out on there own for hundreds of years, and know when it's the right time. But Theresa would not be back for several days and this clutch, we were both so excited about.

    You should have seen us. We were sitting ...
  2. Feeders & Breeders

    For ft feeders, I'll list several and my thoughts on them and I'll start with what I have experience with.

    Big Cheese Rodents - This place is my go to place as they're based out of Texas(next door state). I've spent thousands of dollars with him and placed many orders. The quality of the feeders are great and the customer service is top notch. One of the best things is the way they package their feeders. They are all vacuum sealed and they use trays to put the feeders on to keep them ...
  3. Ughhh help me convince my mom!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Neal View Post
    I'll never forget my first actual pet snake that I bought.

    I was living under her roof and I wanted a snake, and her quick but decisive NO all but told me to drop it. So growing up I knew better then to ask my dad because I was 10x more likely to get a yes from my mother than my father. When I'd get in trouble for bad grades through elementary and middle school my mom would come to me with the report card and say we'll hide it from your dad. He would either forget about it, though
  4. Day One - Second Post

    by , 08-30-2010 at 11:35 PM (Judy's Weightloss Journey)
    So, this is more of what I would have said if I'd had more time when I wrote that first post.

    I started to write that I'd had weight issues all my life...but the more accurate story is that I've had body-image issues all my life. I thought I was fat and gross, even when I wasn't. I look back at the "me" I was in high school, and long to be that fit and pretty again. I was a little overweight, but just a bit. It was enough though, to feel "fat." I didn't ...
  5. Another day in the life.

    by , 09-01-2010 at 04:08 AM (Marks pretty boring blog.)
    Well it's been a fun few days, still on my 'stay'cation and I still have a few more days off of work. Monday I went out to see inception with my wife Suzy and our youngest son Nick. I really enjoyed it, Leonardo did a very good job and the whole dream within a dream within a dream idea was pretty interesting, I heard some people say it was kind of hard to follow the plot, but personally I didn't find it that difficult. Ellen Page looks like a little kid though, I liked her character and she did ...
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