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  1. 1L F10 SC veterinary disinfectant Available in Canada!


    I have about a dozen bottles of F10 SC available for sale in Canada. Contact me at

    1L bottles $110.00 including shipping within Canada. ($10.00 discount per bottle for local pickup at Dufferin/Rutherford).

    1 bottle of F10 will produce roughly 250 Liters of disinfectant!! If you don't need a large bottle, buy it and split it with your friends. Well worth it

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    F10 ...
  2. Precautions and hopefully ideas for some

    So every year I come across posts where peoples thermostats malfunctioned or something happened that caused them to lose animals in their care. Stuff happens and sometimes it's just beyond your control, but there's things you can do that give you the best possible chance to prevent this from happening. I'll explain more into detail, then I'll post photos.

    First and foremost, you need to have a good thermostat. I get that the $30 thermostat is tempting, but these thermostats break ...
  3. The solution if you are using a tank!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rickys_Reptiles View Post
    Ok, I've been listening to the same question about covering a Ball Python tank for FAR too long, so I'm going to chime in. This is regarding Ball Pythons in aquariums. I've heard people say to "cover the tank partially with..." a wet towel, plastic wrap, foil tape, your mother in laws granny panties.... All decent, but ugly solutions.

    Here is a better one! go to your local plastic shop and ask them to cut out a piece of PVC/X for you to the same size as your tank. Then

    Updated 11-04-2013 at 01:13 PM by Rickys_Reptiles

  4. Getting Ready

    I've been wanting to stop smoking for some time now, but not badly enough to do something about it.

    In the last few weeks, my company sent out an e-mail about the Great Radiant Smoke Out with a great incentive. If I stop smoking for 1 month - I get 3 months of health benefits for free. If I stop smoking for 2 months - I get 6 months of health benefits for free - and so on, up to a year of free health benefits.

    The Smoke Out challenges is currently set to start September ...
  5. Thinking of Starting or Advancing?

    I tend to ramble on from time to time about different subjects when I have time to think about something good to blog about. This one is going to be for anybody that's looking to get into the hobby, or advance to different steps in the hobby and by that I mean from starter snakes to the not so stater snakes, to the higher level of experience needed snakes.

    I'm sure for any of us that have visited reptile shows, or even pet stores tend to see people that are interested in getting into ...
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