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  1. Most time-efficient method/system for cleaning Sterilite tubs?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rickys_Reptiles View Post
    Well, it's been said before, but apparently not enough people are paying attention to it. F10 SC is not a cleaner. If you do not clean the tub first, you're wasting your time.


    -Put snakes into bags.
    -Dump out all the coconut husk (I wear a mask when I do this, it can be dusty)
    -Clean the tubs using lysol wipes
    -let dry
    -then I spray each tub with a F10sc solution (approx 8ml:1L of water)
    -Let the F10 sit for 15 minutes
  2. The solution if you are using a tank!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rickys_Reptiles View Post
    Ok, I've been listening to the same question about covering a Ball Python tank for FAR too long, so I'm going to chime in. This is regarding Ball Pythons in aquariums. I've heard people say to "cover the tank partially with..." a wet towel, plastic wrap, foil tape, your mother in laws granny panties.... All decent, but ugly solutions.

    Here is a better one! go to your local plastic shop and ask them to cut out a piece of PVC/X for you to the same size as your tank. Then

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  3. 1L F10 SC veterinary disinfectant Available in Canada!


    I have about a dozen bottles of F10 SC available for sale in Canada. Contact me at

    1L bottles $110.00 including shipping within Canada. ($10.00 discount per bottle for local pickup at Dufferin/Rutherford).

    1 bottle of F10 will produce roughly 250 Liters of disinfectant!! If you don't need a large bottle, buy it and split it with your friends. Well worth it

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    F10 ...