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  6. Byrdie's Avatar
    Believe it or not i have been there my parents took me i used to live about 4 hours from the cities so almost every year we went and every year i made it a point to make it to the reptile shows even though there were only 1-2 but Monty's was always there awesome pictures thank you makes me miss home just that much more
  7. MarkS's Avatar
    Thank you both though its turning out to be harder to keep up with it then I thought it would be.
  8. MarkS's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rabernet
    I want to see that movie - would you recommend it? Suzy's garden is pretty! I'd love to see updated pictures in a month or two!
    Yeah Robin, it was actually one of the better movies I've seen this year. I'd recommend it.
  9. JLC's Avatar
    Awesome pictures! And that Traveling Reptile show looks really cool! Must be quite a task to travel with and set up that whole barn with all the marquis signs? Does he have a road crew to help him? The logistics of it boggle my mind...wish I could see it sometime! I was at the Colorado State Fair a couple weeks ago...I'm with you...I ignore the rides and hit all the livestock barns. No reptiles at my fair. LOL I really like the idea of Rudd's show, though! His retics were amazing!! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for all the great pics!!!
  10. JLC's Avatar
    Hehe....all I have to do is order black olives and I can get a whole pizza to myself as well. Pepperoni and pineapple is another favorite of mine that the rest of the family raise their eyebrows at. Makes pizza night fun! Sounds like you and Suzy had a lovely evening!
  11. rabernet's Avatar
    I want to see that movie - would you recommend it? Suzy's garden is pretty! I'd love to see updated pictures in a month or two!
  12. rabernet's Avatar
    I'm enjoying your blogs as well, Mark!
  13. JLC's Avatar
    I like your blogs, Mark! The canoeing and kayaking sounds really nice!
  14. JLC's Avatar
    Hah...I can totally relate to everyone looking younger and younger these days. Doctors scare me nowadays, because they look like they just stepped out of high school!

    Never heard of a school that did open-house in a restaurant! Small school?

    I'd like to see pics of your "Visually Odd Trait"!
  15. MarkS's Avatar
    Thank you Robin, I'll try not to bore people out of their minds too badly.
  16. rabernet's Avatar
    I look forward to it, Mark!