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Robin's Smoke Out Journal

This is to blog about my journey to being a non-smoker.

  1. Day at the Lake!

    Well, the "Smoke Out" hasn't officially started yet (starts at the end of this month), but my Department (about 150 of us) had our yearly day at the lake. We all put our "out of office" alerts on and headed to the lake around noon today where the VP and the Director brought their leisure boats and took people out on the lake for a ride, and we had burgers and dogs "catered" in by the folks that manage the lake (Lake Lanier Islands).

    Got to talking to other ...

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  2. Getting Ready

    I've been wanting to stop smoking for some time now, but not badly enough to do something about it.

    In the last few weeks, my company sent out an e-mail about the Great Radiant Smoke Out with a great incentive. If I stop smoking for 1 month - I get 3 months of health benefits for free. If I stop smoking for 2 months - I get 6 months of health benefits for free - and so on, up to a year of free health benefits.

    The Smoke Out challenges is currently set to start September ...