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  1. gaiafeedersnyc's Avatar
    You def found a plus in there.
  2. BenjamineDupont's Avatar
    LEO Privacy is a cool app to hide anything u that no one can see ur personal images videos contacts anything...must have app...As I can [URL=""]hide videos[/URL] and then etc etc in this app since instead of installing separate apps for the same...
  3. BenjamineDupont's Avatar
    Its I don't need swatch my phone frm my browser...I can [URL=""]hide[/URL] my pic, videos and many more aaps…Best app..all in one.....loved it..Everyone should use this..I guarantee u won't regret it. U will have fun with this applock.
  4. BenjamineDupont's Avatar
    Actually why I like LEO Privacy is if you put a lock to any app at least our close people will ask you to open but in this app there is no chance if hide it nobody knows about that hidden matter excpt you it [URL=""]hide[/URL] whole information in this app only .
  5. BenjamineDupont's Avatar
    LEO Privacy helps me to [URL=""]hide[/URL] my project work and my important images and videos which i use in my bussiness from others. It help to hide images and videos.
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  6. BenjamineDupont's Avatar
    LEO Privay is a very nice app and it is very fast and nice....I like it and yes we can save our all image video other important file.Its good at hiding and securing the images, videos and much more things plzz download it and enjoy lovely applock. Very [URL=""]secure[/URL].
  7. Jack Fox's Avatar
    i got a ball python a week ago and i am already looking at getting a racking system and getting more. maybe even start breeding them
  8. Haroldf1985's Avatar
    IM new at this that are addicting I just bought my #2 for now he is grown got lots of questions I can't find Anders from if u could right me back to maybe u can help me thanks PS not sure how this works I am new to the Web sight
  9. samthemanz3n's Avatar
    My mom makes me keep all of my snakes outside but she sort of likes them. She just can't watch me hold a mouse and then feed it to a snake. She claims that if she sees one eat she'll save the mouse lol !!
  10. twoyrbrat's Avatar
    I just logged onto this site and found your profile AMAZING. Just jumped into the "pool of snakedom" last week, with a rehab case. My baby Ball is a normal, about 1.5 foot long and is a female. "Lil" is eating for me and thriving, since i have recued her from an irresponsible snake owner who abandoned her!!!!YUP...splitsville to Oregon. So I got her from his roomie in the town i hail from. ( Chico CA) I will notgrow in numbers since my apt is a one bedroom.LOL. But I will grow this girl and she is family no matter what.
    Thank You for posting the wonderful info on your "family". I can use all the support here.=)
  11. hitman3303's Avatar
    You are lucky, my mother won't even go in the basement where mine are located in a closed off room . . .lol. My mom is way to girly girl to ever get near a snake. I am happy that my sons have picked up on the ones I have. It is the first real hobby we enjoy together . . . .good bonding moments.
  12. hitman3303's Avatar
    I am going to get into BOA's at some point. My wife is not a snake fan so it might be a little bit before I get to that point.
  13. JCRules20504's Avatar
    We are ball python people. We have 12 bp's. We just decided to pick up a pair of salmon boas at the last expo we went to. So far so good. Their personality is way different than bp's. The male is a little nasty when you reach your hand in to pick him up. He hisses like crazy with his mouth open and gets all "S"ed up like he's going to strike at you. Then once you pick him up, he's fine.
  14. nicaraguan boa!'s Avatar
    i am holding my boa around my neck as i type... he is a young male nicaraguan boa, i love boas!!!
  15. normalcrasygoldbps's Avatar
    so how do you know what she likes to eat and how big is she and do you own her would like to see a picture of her o do you like gold boas?
  16. cehmz's Avatar
    Now I want a boa! And I just got my first BP!
  17. Jessica Loesch's Avatar
    This happened to my dad. Kudos on keeping a positive outlook. Now you can focus on your hobbies
  18. texanborn's Avatar
    Just wait until I start getting my snakes... I can hear the " I told you so" lines now hehehe You are a great addition to this community with all your knowledge and willing to listen to anyone who has a question. When you get pass 25 snakes then I think there may have to be an intervention or website for your breeding business Until then you are just dandy *thumbs up* You told me "as long as you are happy, that's all that matters" and its so very true...infact I'm making that my blog entry.

    Thank you for everything and letting a non-keeper learn from you so I dont screw up!
  19. dsirkle's Avatar
    Years ago the term "fiancee" meant that two people were engaged to be married and would generally be married within a year.
    Today when I hear the term fiancee I assume that the couple never will marry as it is invariably used by people that have usually been living together for a decade or 2 and usually have children.
  20. rushtask's Avatar
    Deleted by Dr Dale
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