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Blog Comments

  1. MarkS's Avatar
    Hey Judy, sounds like things are starting out well for you, the golf course walk sounds great. I'd rather live near a wildlife area with walking paths rather then a golf course any day.
  2. jfreels's Avatar
    Bravo! I really hate to hear about people on crash diets. They can't work. You have a very good mind set and sound very determined. It's a journey, so you're approaching it the right way, one day at a time. I'll go read your other posts now.

    I've had great success in the past with my own journey. Maybe I'll share my story some day.
  3. JLC's Avatar
    Thanks, Robin!! Good to know someone is following along! It'll help me to stick with it, if I know someone is reading.
  4. rabernet's Avatar
    Judy, I'm reading and enjoying your blog!
  5. JLC's Avatar
    Thanks Robin! Getting the head right is definitely a critical step...and one of the hardest!
  6. rabernet's Avatar
    Judy - I'm very proud of you - and will probably join you in the weight loss journey soon. I have to get my head in the right place first.
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