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  1. WARNING - BAN ON BOAS & PYTHONS!! - HR6311 Reintroduced as HR669
  2. HR 669: What Are the Chances?
  3. Pets in Peril!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Say no to HR 669
  4. SnakeBytes TV - Stop HR669
  5. Help stop hr 669
  6. hr669 send a tip to your local news
  7. Say the bill is passed...
  8. Another HR669 thread... what the words really say
  9. You don't love your Bloods....unless
  10. On a blogtalk radio show about hr669 tonight
  11. My HR669 Letter
  12. From the nohr669 blog
  13. Bowling Green Daily News
  14. A email I got from my Rep in Nevada
  15. OK..So What Alternatives Can WE Propose?
  16. Important Media Event!
  17. PetSmart speaks out against HR 669 (press release)
  18. So when will we find what happens to HR669 in the committee?
  19. HR669 Phone Campaign
  20. GA Opposes HR669!!!!
  21. You live in Florida? S373
  22. HR 669 - What Now?
  23. We need help with action on CNN story
  24. Message from RDR Site
  25. CNN Poll on HR669
  26. Petition to remove PETA's tax-free status
  27. Watch the HR669 Hearing LIVE from your PC!
  28. WashingtonWatch.com - Article about HR669
  29. CNN in bed with The Nature Conservancy?
  30. CT Legislation - The sky may not have fallen . . . YET! (X-Posted to Bush League)
  31. Made the news in Alabama
  32. Final Day before Hearing - Let's Do This!!!!
  33. I ran a little poll while I was calling this morning.
  34. Dr. Foster and Smith e-mailing against HR669!
  35. Hr669
  36. At Tom Wolfe's house
  37. Does anyone want to do some research on marijuana?
  38. HR669 question...
  39. HR669 predictions for tomorrow
  40. USARK Testimony to Sub-Committee Hearing 4/23
  41. First round in HR669 vs. Freedom / Advantage Freedom
  42. Live Blogging Congressional Hearing on HR669
  43. what are the results so far?
  44. Link to first HR 669 Vid
  45. S 373
  46. At the hearing
  47. HR669 is toast!!!!! Just got the email:)
  48. Response from Congressman Lamborn
  49. yall are welcome
  50. CT New State Law (what pythons????)
  51. HR669 - Back to the drawing board
  52. is it illegal to own venomous snakes in Canada?
  53. NRIP? Is this a new HR669?
  54. HR 669 has 3 new co-sponsors
  55. Bill Brant on HR669 and NRIP
  56. Attention needed once again
  57. California, do your part!!
  58. HR 669 Update
  59. Nc-307
  60. Local News Story about HSUS
  61. Born Free USA with API
  62. Niles in the everglades soon!
  63. bird smuggler
  64. regulation "X" in Worcester, Ma
  65. miami herald news story about hr669
  66. animals need to do more!
  67. ANything on AB1122 yet?
  68. Road Hunting
  69. International transport/shipping
  70. New Ordinance passed lastnight in my city!!!!
  71. Alert ***** S373 ******* Alert
  72. Blood pythons
  73. Local City Laws and how to get them changed
  74. State legislation alerts
  75. Connecticut Animal Ban Update - Passed House and Senate . . .
  76. Bill 373 - Any updates?
  77. Newspaper editorial - we need you to act today
  78. Hearing on July 8th
  79. Hr 2811
  80. Info pertaining to The Lacey Act
  81. What are my rights as a reptile owner in Nj?
  82. Too many reptiles?
  83. Bill Nelson is coming!!!!
  84. Vote NO on this poll - FL Python Ban
  85. 7/8 Senate Hearing: Threats to Native Wildlife
  86. new NC snake law
  87. Boston area zoo may close
  88. USARK Wake Up Call to Reptile Nation!
  89. Where to look for laws or ordinances??
  90. Calling all members from Florida!!
  91. Cites
  92. HR 669 Michigan Response
  93. Hr669 has been stopped!
  94. Calling all members from... CALIFORNIA!!
  95. Maine's UNRestricted Species List!
  96. Arizona Law?
  97. Just a thought on our battle..........
  98. Calling Maryland Residents!!
  99. Florida python hunt
  100. Holy crap accurate reporting on World News last night!
  101. i bet there is no legislation...
  102. CITES needed for Puerto Rico?
  103. Reptile/Exotics Law in your area?
  104. total ban of genus python
  105. the possible PYTHON BAN is upon us,,,,
  106. HR2811 (House version of S373) Python Ban
  107. I hope your a member of USARK
  108. HR2811 ACT NOW! Only 1 day to act!
  109. Python ban.. Please help!
  110. Python Rope A Dope
  111. Is anyone else having trouble getting faxes through?
  112. Call and Fax!!
  113. Say bye bye to pythons...
  114. Not enough calls, keep trying!
  115. Rep. John Conyers (D) - MI - Committee on the Judiciary (Chair)
  116. Update on hearing on hr2811
  117. Wednesday Committee Hearing on HR2811
  118. A Thank You And A Request From A Burm Keeper/Breeder
  119. start calling people
  120. UPDATE: HR2811 Amendment
  121. HR2811 Passes Full Committee
  122. I Attended the HR2811 Hearing on July 29th
  123. HR2811. What now?
  124. City of Seward wants to take away snakes!!!
  125. Letter From Bill Nelson
  126. Pythons in the news
  127. illegal issue
  128. San Francisco laws re. Boas/Pythons
  129. Any S373 updates?
  130. Couple of questions on what I should do.
  131. UPDATE: USARK/ Senator Nelson S373 Meeting
  132. More on the burmese python guy
  133. HSUS is the enemy of all pet keepers
  134. ATTN: Members from the Seattle/Tacoma area of Washington!!
  135. PIJAC on fox news today (video)
  136. Breed permit?
  137. future delaware reg possible changes
  138. Snake Ban
  139. Florida Reptile Ban
  140. Minor to some, but irritating to me.
  141. Florida Legislation
  142. Oklahoma senator's thoughts
  143. Letter from MD Senator
  144. kijiji bans snake adds
  145. Florida update!
  146. Need your help!
  147. Are ball pythons illegal in...?
  148. H.r. 3501
  149. Anyones response to this will help me save my 2 ball pythons in my Apartment
  150. Congressional Budget Office to "Score" HR2811
  151. Where is the "Reptile Nation"?
  152. USGS study to be released
  153. Getting a city regulation changed?
  154. The BC list new regulations in Canada
  155. New USGS Study Includes Boa Constrictor
  156. H.R. 2811 aka ‘The Python Ban’
  157. More Florida news Sales ban
  158. ALERT: Python Ban Hearing for November 5th!
  159. USGS Study on 9 Large Constricting Snakes
  160. HSUS BS... and some USGS
  161. USARK Alert - READ!!!!!! November 5 deadline
  162. Hr2811 - have you made your calls?
  163. Will you be saying bye bye to your Ball Pythons?
  164. They'll have to fight me to take my snakes.
  165. First ever purple ball:)
  166. Questions about HR 2281
  167. HR2811 Hearing Postponed!!
  168. HR6811, Make the calls before 10am today!
  169. What happened to S373?
  170. Will we have a decision tommorow?
  171. Ca ab 1122............
  172. HR 2811 live feed?
  173. List of possible banned snakes
  174. Final decision?
  175. HR2811 video i recorded
  176. Calling Any And All Breeders!!
  177. It's time to hit HSUS back
  178. Facebook the senators ?
  179. Remove HSUS's tax-exempt status
  180. how was your phone experiences on hr2811
  181. UPDATE: HR2811 Hearing Recap
  182. HSUS Exposed On TV
  183. National geographic on HR2811
  184. Arlington Finds Little Interest in Region-wide Discussion on Exotic Pets
  185. HR2811 decision today?
  186. What happened with hr2811?
  187. A letter from Bill Brant
  188. Banned species in BC Canada
  189. whats going on with hr2811
  190. Why?
  191. PR: Scientists Call USGS Report "Unscientific"
  192. ALERT: S373 Python Ban Goes to Hearing
  193. Online Petition to stop hr669 and s373
  194. Del. Set To Regulate Exotic Animals
  195. Can a city ban all reptiles and snakes?
  196. ALERT: S373 Senate Call In Tomorrow (email from USARK)
  197. Time for Action!
  198. Bringing my BP to Germany...
  199. S373 Hearing - Live Stream
  200. Urgent message from USARK
  201. DANGER: Python Ban Moving Fast!!!
  202. Write the White House.
  203. Call To All members here.... S373
  204. Oppose Python Ban Campaign!!! Let's Get Rocking!!!!
  205. USARK email
  206. Latest from USARK - Bill Nelson Lied
  207. Boycott Petsmart and Petco
  208. Newest email from USARK- Python ban moves forward
  209. S373 Let congress know how you feel
  210. HSUS Celebrates S373 Passage
  211. Local News covering S373
  212. Ben Cardin responded to my email re: S373
  213. Boa Constrictor arguments
  214. Open Congress S373
  215. UPDATE: S373 Python Ban
  216. Just the facts on why the ban should NOT happen!!
  217. just a few python ban questions and needing of help
  218. HSUS E-Mail Very Interesting
  219. Letter Writing to Senators Made Easy
  220. have a chance to be on the local news
  221. Another great idea to fight the pending ban!!
  222. Destroy this BILL
  223. SERIOUSLY people?
  224. Something we probably haven't thought of about S373
  225. talked to Brian from BHB
  226. Need feedback
  227. Wow is all I have to say
  228. Another way to fight S373/HR2811
  229. Pythons equal fireworks
  230. Reward offered!!!!!!!
  231. Two steps you can take to Oppose S373
  232. Fight the HSUS
  233. Keep visiting opencongress!
  234. Basic English On The Situation At Hand
  235. I give up!
  236. No S373 Flyer
  237. Senate Campaign
  238. im speechless
  239. The Extinction of a species thank you HSUS
  240. A new news story on S373
  241. Twin Cities Reptiles - doing their part
  242. Marches Being Organized
  243. Response I recieved from Senator Bob Casey on Pa
  244. New stuff @ www.nosnakeban.com
  245. A really good article from VPI on the python ban
  246. Agree with me or not, your choice!
  247. Flyers from Nosnakeban
  248. Who would be interested ...
  249. Need opinion on essay
  250. Excellent video on S373