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  1. IL: Law would put the squeeze on state's reptile business
  2. West Virginia: No on SB477- Reptile BAN!
  3. Idea?
  4. UPDATE: Rhode Island Reptile Ban Tabled
  5. UPDATE: Rhode Island Reptile Ban Tabled
  6. Loophole in the Burm Ban?
  7. ALERT WI: Dane County Reptile Ban
  8. **Next Dane CO WI Meeting**
  9. We need to support this guy!
  10. Are pythons overrunning the Everglades?
  11. RED ALERT: HR511 Stop Python and Boa BAN NOW!
  12. UPDATE: WV reptile (and everything else ban) and concentrated email effort.
  13. ALERT: Chula vista area pet sale ban
  14. Ball Python Ban
  15. Need a consolidated list of studies, articles, etc.
  16. Pennsylvania house and senate contact info for H.R.511 opposition
  17. why doesnt the government and snake enthusiasts...
  18. **Dane County WI meeting on 3/6**
  19. U.S. Fish and Wildlife turn blind eye to science, fact
  20. Refuge for Burmese Pythons in Florida
  21. moving to ny
  22. UPDATE: IL SB3264 Boa and Python Ban
  23. Last chance: Kill wv sb477
  24. RED ALERT: West Virginia SB477
  25. Red Alert West Virginia
  26. w.V. Call the Governor!
  27. Exotic, wild animal decisions will be up to the DNR
  28. LAST CHANCE West Virginia
  29. ALERT: Ohio SB310 Reptile Ban
  30. AVMA: How big is Florida's python problem?
  31. Boots on the Ground Ohio/ SB310 Opponents Hearing
  32. TODAY!!! Effective Date(s):March 23, 2012
  33. Injurious Wildlife Listing Enacted
  34. Crap!! Even shipping IN state will end up crossing state lines!!
  35. Galveston Island, TX
  36. Question: Lacey Act labeling
  37. Committee Hearing Shows Human Impact of Ohio Exotic Animal Legislation
  38. PR: Committee Hearing Shows Human Impact of Ohio Exotic Animal Legislation
  39. W.Va. gov vetoes exotic animals ban, other bills
  40. Governor Tomblin Vetoes WV SB477
  41. which state
  42. PA House bill 1398
  43. Ohio SB310 Up for Hearing in Ohio Again
  44. Ohio S310 call in
  45. Disturbing: Michigan Pig Farm Raids
  46. Protect the Harvest
  47. Won't You Please help the Lawyers?
  48. Ohio Senate OKs bill to regulate exotics
  49. Permit/Business
  50. Python versus Gator, Scientists Hard at work feeding the Propaganda Machine
  51. Pythons Swallow Whole Deer in Florida; $6M Tab
  52. Letter from my Senator
  53. ohio zoo returns animals
  54. USDA seeks change to regulate Internet and retail pet sales
  55. Ohio action alert
  56. Super Dwarf Reticulated python laws in FL.
  57. UPDATE Ohio: SB 310 Goes From Bad to Worse
  58. Arkansas laws
  59. Ohio bill Passed
  60. OH Governor Kasich investigated by FBI
  61. Laws in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
  62. Fight the BAN. Send your LETTER NOW
  63. U.S. Rep. Louise Slaughter Introduces Bill To Prevent The Import Of Harmful Non-Nativ
  64. Quick question regarding keeping snakes venomous/non-venomous snakes in Illinois?
  65. Two links!
  66. Dunes sagebrush lizard off the endangered species list
  67. HSUS: Lying is a Thriving Vocation
  68. USARK Legal Action Against FWS Constrictor Rule
  69. Now Obama waves the python ban as a victory for his administration
  70. Biologist Scott Hardin Joins PIJAC Staff
  71. How Gullible are We?
  72. Nevada Exotic animal ban
  73. Food for Thought
  74. Attention VA Residents
  75. Nevada Exotic Ban
  76. Permits?
  77. Looking for for information! help
  78. with the ban in place im seeing more of this:
  79. H.b. 1398?
  80. Ohio exotic animal ban: full list of animals and some opinions
  81. Dangerous & Exotic Animals in Virginia, Updates and Webinar
  82. update on ohio reptile ban :(
  83. Who knew exotic animals could cost OH taxpayers so much?
  84. Burmese python bust
  85. VA: Dangerous Animal Initiative Update
  86. Could owning a reptile become illegal in Virginia?
  87. HR 511 ‘Python Ban’ Released By House Judiciary
  88. Attn: Virginia Reptile owners, The DAI will hold a public meeting on Oct. 24th
  89. Anaheim CA exotic animal ban
  90. Va DAI public meeting on Oct 24th
  91. Dane County reptile ban to be referred on 10/09/12
  92. 4-in turtle law?
  93. Listing of Senators and Representatives and their votes
  94. Snake ban within city limits
  95. Disunity: A Warning from Ohio
  96. Time for legislation regarding [I]Felis Catus[/I]
  97. OH Exotic Animal Owners Lawsuit Filed
  98. OH Exotic animal ban- enforcement delayed
  99. Idaho finally steps up!
  100. Reptile nation must soon come together again!!
  101. H.R. 511 to be heard on 11/29
  102. Hr 511
  103. New Study Contradicts USGS Python Climate Projections
  104. H.R. 511 - Letter to the US House Natural Resources Committee, Subcommittee on Fisher
  105. VA Recommendations Expected On Exotic Animals
  106. News out of Ohio
  107. Hr 511
  108. Some in Congress oppose wider ban on big snakes
  109. HR 511 Hearing Video
  110. Wilkins et al. v. David Daniels and the Ohio Department of Agriculture
  111. new florida contest
  112. Ohio judge hears testimony on exotic animal law
  113. California Proposed Ban on importing Frogs and Turtles SHELVED
  114. Federal judge upholds Ohio's new exotic animal law
  115. Heads up Forsyth County N.C.
  116. :(. Burm shot in Flordia
  117. Breaking News: Andrew Wyatt Resigns as CEO and President of USARK
  118. The Death of HR511 - The Snake Ban
  119. A Challenge - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is
  120. Herp Nation Radio Special Report – Ball Pythons Banned in Texas
  121. How is Andrew Wyatt getting your info?
  122. USARK Hires New President Going Forward
  123. USARK and OUR community.
  124. CT to ban Boas and Burmese pythons
  125. New York State Assembly Bill 2869 - Introduced January 18, 2013
  126. Look out VA -another new exotic law
  127. Not sure were this should go.....Australia??/Hawaii??
  128. Wilson County Snake Ban UPDATE
  129. West Virginia - this just in from USARK
  130. Exotic pet rules get a lot tougher in VA
  131. W.Va. lawmakers to examine House bill restricting ownership of exotic animals
  132. Help!!!
  133. The Return of HR669
  134. USARK on the USFWS budget cuts!
  135. Coon Rapids MN Ordinance
  136. Federal H.R. 996: Invasive Fish and Wildlife Prevention Act (HR669 Re-write)
  137. Question for all the "exotic" keepers on here....
  138. Snake Ban reversed in Wilson County Texas!
  139. Any Irish people around here?
  140. The Minister of Agriculture in Norway wants to kill our reptiles!
  141. USARK Meets with Department of the Interior and FWS
  142. Uncertain future for bill banning ownership of "exotic" animals
  143. Heads Up Illinois Residents (and everybody else)
  144. Very Vague City Ordinance
  145. Virginia State Law
  146. Cottonwood Heights Residents Want Neighbor's Snake Collection Gone
  147. Richland Center WI ordinance
  148. Appeal filed in Ohio law
  149. Coon Rapids, MN to Limit Numbers: Support Needed
  150. Laws in California
  151. Report: Turtleman TV show faked
  152. FWS seeks NEPA exemption
  153. CatX
  154. Action Alert: No to Adding Species as Injurious
  155. EVERYONE: NO to Additions to the Lacey Act
  156. Dreams of breeding ball pythons? Kiss them goodbye.
  157. Reptile Laws Abroad
  158. The most destructive invasive species...
  159. Categorical Exclusion: Time Extended for Comments
  160. Ban to All Exotics
  161. Bexar County
  162. More bad press/news in Canada
  163. Ohio and Arizona reptile laws
  164. USDA APHIS license rules updated as of 9/10/13
  165. Panel to discuss plan to bypass NEPA reviews when banning animal imports
  166. West Nipissing Council proposes ban of exotic pets
  167. Thinking about moving..
  168. Legal Question about Exhibits/Events
  169. License info in Florida
  170. W.V. Heads Up
  171. Wyatt and company attention grab is false
  172. Sign the petition against the constrictor ban!
  173. Cottonwood Heights moves forward with restrictions on exotic animals
  174. Reptile Defense Fund
  175. Reptile group sues to overturn python ban
  176. Check out the share!
  177. Exotic animal ban in Ohio
  178. North Myrtle Beach, SC Reptile Ban
  179. Reptile Laws in Sweden?
  180. West Virginia Seeks to Prohibit All Exotic Animals
  181. Boa constrictors to be specifically banned in Hamilton, Canada
  182. USARK: WV, NY, and WA; CatEX ALERT
  183. Tarantula and Exotic Pet Keeper Comments Needed
  184. Wisconsin bill Introduced
  185. US government dismisses reptile keepers' claims
  186. Holy crap!!
  187. Wv hb 4393
  188. New Considerations for Exotic Pets in Maine
  189. USARK constrictor lawsuit update
  190. New petition against python ban
  191. USARK Lawsuit Update 4/27/14
  192. question on law
  193. Purchasing ball pythons in florida
  194. USFWS to Re-open Public Comment on Boas and Pythons
  195. 6.6.14: Lawsuit/State Updates and Loads More (Real updates from USARK this time)
  196. WV: List of proposed "dangerous wild animals" to be released later this week
  197. Hey USARK, Sign up for AmazonSmile
  198. Breeding ball pythons in your home, legal?
  199. Finding out your town/county laws?
  200. Constrictor Rule Comment Open
  201. dog on the "no dogs allowed" sign
  202. Constrictor Rule Update-Deadline July 24th!
  203. Question About The WV Dangerous Animals List
  204. Please Vote For Lift Of Python/Boa Ban In Municipality
  205. Only 1 day left! Fight the Constrictor Ban!
  206. American Bar Association Recommends Constrictor Ban
  207. Seeking Information
  208. Lacey Act Rammification Clarification
  209. Minneapolis MN: Ban on keeping lizards, snakes as pets in Minneapolis could be lifted
  210. The True Legal State of Boas and pythons in NYC?
  211. Adams County Wisconsin DWA Ban Update
  212. Carbondale, PA about to have a tough time: Fear driven legislation
  213. Ohio judge orders state to return exotic animals to owner
  214. USARK in D.C. and Several State Legislative Issues/Updates
  215. New GA dept. of Ag. vendor license fee (bad news)
  216. Snake debate in the Village of Slinger (WI)
  217. More snakes to join Burmese python on restricted list
  218. Time to wake up!
  219. IMPORTANT everyone please read!!!
  220. Do you oppose the hunts in Florida?
  221. GOOD NEWS for a change!!
  222. Just read the new python in the everglades study
  223. Injunction hearing TODAY
  224. And so the slippery slope begins to slide
  225. No snakes allowed in new lease
  226. Moving to Rhode Island
  227. Constrictor Rule Explained
  228. Press release and preliminary injunction ruling
  229. South Africa to UK - Import restrictions/requirements
  230. Run Ins With Animal Control
  231. The injunction against USFWS: What you need to know now
  232. Is it legal to walk around outside with your snake?
  233. Decatur GA - Wild Animal Permit?
  234. crossing state borders with pythons and reticulated pythons
  235. Unclear City Ordinances
  236. How many can I own?
  237. A walk with my BP
  238. Surprisingly good city by-laws
  239. USARK Alert - HR2920 Amendments to the Lacey Act
  240. What's the latest on shipping retics?
  241. ACTION ALERT: Niles, Ohio
  242. 11 Attorneys General Called to Investigate HSUS
  243. Ball pythons banned in New York City.
  244. Shipping/USARK
  245. Lacy Act Addition of 201 Species
  246. Flying turkey ruffles feathers about 'emotional support' animals on planes
  247. Massachusetts plans rattlesnake colony on uninhabited island...
  248. Message to vender of shows from USark
  249. Quebec bylaws.
  250. "feeder" rats banned in Ohio?