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  1. Front page of fox news..... Want a Python for a Pet? Try Ohio -- For Now
  2. Shows This Weekend
  3. NARBC Anaheim Show
  4. Ohio to ban exotic animal ownership
  5. Large constrictors in Louisiana
  6. USARK Files Appeal w/ USGS on IQA Challenge
  7. USARK Files Appeal w/ USGS on IQA Challenge
  8. Upscale Reptiles Sacramento Show
  9. HELP! Cited for having a python over 8 feet in Las Vegas
  10. Suggestions on finding reptile laws in Wichita Kansas
  11. USFWS Amphibian Rule Change
  12. Defenders of Wildlife files petition to list Non-Native Amphibians on Lacey Act
  13. what do I need to run a reptile rescue?
  14. SREL STUDY : No pythons yet
  15. Help! My Municipality has passed a bylaw BANNING EXOTIC ANIMALS.
  16. What are the laws in Texas regarding catching native species of snakes?
  17. NEW Study Confirms Flaws in the Government's Climate Match
  18. Vital Economic Survey
  19. Animal Ownership Survey/ Loma Linda University
  20. NARBC Houston Show
  21. Burmese Pythons: Guilty until proven innocent
  22. An Important Reminder to All for Nov. 2
  23. Please Vote Today!!
  24. Repticon Columbia SC
  25. Latest from USARK-DOI Secretary Salazar Awards Bad Science at USGS
  26. DOI Secretary Salazar Awards Bad Science at USGS
  27. Bill 125 Ontario Canada
  28. Do you think...
  29. Zoologist Jim Fowler on the Python bills
  30. Help USARK Defeat S373 Python Ban Today!
  31. Help in Central Florida
  32. S373 question and discussion
  33. sit down with David Levac
  34. Bill Nelson's response to my most recent S373 email
  35. Parakeet Prohibitions: Coming to a City Near You!
  36. ALERT: DEADLINE Public Comment Amphibian Listing!
  37. An Idea on Local Legislation
  38. Yes! Finnaly
  39. We WON!!!! No python ban!
  40. Reptile Supershow - Pomona, CA
  41. What is Big Gunns take on this?
  42. Repticon Charlotte Show
  43. Ohio Call to Action
  44. Exotic pet laws
  45. Ohio.... Just the start?
  46. Ohio Exotic Pet Ban Info
  47. Snake Owners See Furry Bias in Invasive Species Proposal
  48. A Reptile Enthusiasts Perspective on USFWS Attempts to Regulate
  49. OHIO - Reptile Ban / Executive Order
  50. Repticon Atlanta Show
  51. The Latest Salvos with USFWS
  52. Connecticut Residents Take Notice
  53. Pythons confiscated from a Cleveland home
  54. Snakes in the News Again
  55. Here we go again
  56. ALERT: New Python Ban / HR511
  57. NARBC Arlington Texas Show
  58. Burmese Pythons Back in the Everglades
  59. USGS Rodda and Reed Defend Climate maps
  60. help stop the ban in ct!!!
  61. Photos to support Jeremy Stone
  62. Help Jackson Stone
  63. Connecticut: Public Comment / Reptile Ban
  64. NO Ban in Pennsylvania
  65. Change to Pickering Exotic Pet Bylaw
  66. Down with peta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  67. Texas Reptiles San Antonio Show
  68. Texas HB1788 Repeal of Road Cruising Ban
  69. Repticon Columbia, SC
  70. Copy & Paste Local Ordinances
  71. Any update on Ohio executive order?
  72. Repticon Tampa
  73. Legalize Ferrets in California - Petition
  74. Lions, Tigers and 16ft Gaboons, Oh my!
  75. HSUS Revealed!
  76. Ohio Ban on exotic pets to expire Wednesday
  77. FWS Files Final Rule/ Constrictor Ban
  78. Repticon Charlotte
  79. S 2011: Sports Safety Modernization Act
  80. Reptile Industry Calls for Congressional Oversight on US Fish & Wildlife Service
  81. Need pics to support our rights!
  82. Corn Snake ownership in Georgia?
  83. Arg I hate PETA!
  84. USGS Denies Due Process to Reptile Industry
  85. For crying out loud.
  86. High End Herps - ARRESTED
  87. USARK Meets with White House Office for Oversight RE: Snake Ban
  88. Woman Cited After School Complains About Python In Tree
  89. Repticon Orlando
  90. Texas Senate OKs "Reptile Bill"
  91. Texas Reptiles San Antonio Show
  92. DOI Defies Obama Executive Order; Thousands of Jobs Threatened
  93. Herp Nation Magazine to Run Fundraiser For USARK
  94. Reptile Super Show - San Diego, California
  95. Repticon Columbia, SC
  96. H$US: "We want to eliminate exotic animal ownership"
  97. Eco terrorists.
  98. head me in the right direction floridians?
  99. Has Animal Planet effectively burned its bridges?
  100. San Francisco considers banning the sale of all pets
  101. Western Hognose legal in CA?
  102. New Jersey Permit
  103. Herp Legislative/Legal News Digest
  104. Update on girl killed by python
  105. 10 foot Albino Python killed in Wilson County,TX.
  106. Clarkesville, GA, attempt to ban reptile business within city limits
  107. Attention breeders in Florida...
  108. Myrtle Beach Reptile Expo
  109. Moving to Germany
  110. Did this forum just get...spammed?
  111. SB 917 - California. Signed to law.
  112. National Reptile Breeders Expo- Daytona Beach
  113. NRBE Daytona Auction
  114. Animal Ordinances in Florida?
  115. UPDATE: Daytona EXPO Auction
  116. red eared sliders
  117. Come To Daytona NRBE!!!
  118. USARK Board Meeting Open to Public
  119. Risk assessments to block invasive wildlife pay off, study shows
  120. NARBC Anaheim, California
  121. Info request on big 9 ban
  122. Cowlitz County cracks down on snakes
  123. Are permits needed in Pennsylvania
  124. canada/US border for ball pythons
  125. Congressional Oversight Hearing - USARK
  126. Congressional Oversight Hearing - USARK
  127. Snake, rattle, roll: GOP targets python rule
  128. Snake Limits in Minnesota?
  129. Does your Guitar make you a criminal?
  130. Air Force puts more bite in pet regulations
  131. Repticon ICE Myrtle Beach
  132. moving to maine
  133. new ny law??
  134. NARBC Tinley Park, Illinois
  135. what is the status on the big 9 ban?
  136. Man arrested in GA with 13 reptiles
  137. This isn't going to help our cause...
  138. Should People Be Allowed to Keep Exotic Animals
  139. S.C- Nonnatives targeted
  140. Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Virginia
  141. Ohio Governor Kasich to sign Emergency EO...
  142. Senator David Thomas Contact Info!
  143. Illinois' "Dangerous Animals" specifications
  144. PETA at it again!!
  145. PETA and CL?
  146. Wisconsin Doesn't Ban Ownership of Exotic Animals
  147. Repticon Columbia, SC
  148. Ohio: Kasich barks; panel acts, will propose exotic-animal ban
  149. Pythons in Everglades a low risk to people, state says
  150. Want to help rattlesnakes?
  151. City Seizes Clyde the Caiman; Owners Sue
  152. Say NO to Ohio Reptile Ban TODAY!
  153. Have you seen this...
  154. Good Article
  155. Sen. Nelson's effort to ban interstate python trade concerns wildlife officials
  156. HSUS Exposed!
  157. I need some help deciphering local animal abandonment laws
  158. Should the US Government Ban Pythons? PLEASE VOTE!
  159. Spartanburg south carolina looking to ban exotics
  160. Germany: Friendly to Exotics or Not?
  161. H.S.U.S targets West Virginia
  162. Update: Ohio
  163. Federal Bill to Control Snake Problem
  164. Born Free USA
  165. Ga. exotic animal laws
  166. Christmas is Cancelled
  167. Reptile Wrangling RE: Federal Constrictor Rulemaking
  168. Herald.com Find
  169. Ball pythons an Invasive species?!
  170. Ohio
  171. RED ALERT: Stop Federal Python BAN!
  172. PAM no longer allowed in Florida.
  173. Take Action Today; Federal Python BAN
  174. Enviromental law's books
  175. Let me get this straight
  176. Indiana Alert: House bill 1288
  177. Illinois Ball Python Laws?
  178. Virginia Alert
  179. Virginia Alert - SB477. Here we go...
  180. Indiana Wild Animal Ban to effect snake owners!!! PLEASE READ!
  181. Secretary Ken Salazar and Senator Bill Nelson Grandstanding in FL
  182. U.S. set to approve python ban
  183. USARK & Reptile Nation Save 5 of 9 species from FWS Constrictor Rule!
  184. How do we save our hobby?
  185. Response from my Congressman on Python Ban
  186. It's not over *Please read*
  187. Legislation frequency and political affiliation
  188. Over turn the python ban from 1-17-12
  189. Ban Feline's
  190. Help me understand
  191. Whitehouse Petition to Overturn the Python Ban
  192. Not Good
  193. Snake Ban Talk w/ Kevin McCurley, Andy & Raphael (video)
  194. Sign THIS petition too...
  195. Are you ready for a legal fight?
  196. Watch this and share it with everyone
  197. CNN video about python ban
  198. Best article YET!! Everyone must read!!
  199. Death statistics (things that kill more people than constrictors annually)
  200. Virginai HB 1242 Takes SB 477 to a New Level - Banning Almost Everything
  201. A Decent Article on the Snake Ban
  202. HSUS & Florida Politicians Undermine Efforts to Kill Constrictor Rule!
  203. Getting the snake ban word out to more people
  204. what we need is a summit
  205. Our poster child for the fight.
  206. Attention Wisconsin residents
  207. An Idea to Let FWS Know How We Really Feel.
  208. Obama on Google +
  209. Federal Python BAN
  210. AZA's stance on the Constrictor Ban
  211. Federal snake ban has reptile dealers fuming
  212. Python Ban Petition on WhiteHouse.gov
  213. rhode island to join the snake ban
  214. How the Python Ban was passed without a vote
  215. USARK On the Python Ban
  216. Question about Python Ban
  217. The 1% Idea
  218. Fundraiser for USARK!!
  219. shipping to upstate ny
  220. Petco/Petsmart?
  221. Stop Virginia Reptile Ban!
  222. IMPORTANT: "Plan B" STOP VA Reptile BAN!
  223. Join Us for Round Two of Lobbying in Richmond this Thursday
  224. Local news station featuring Kevin from NERD
  225. Stop Rhode Island Reptile Ban
  226. Overturn the Python Ban
  227. USARK on NPR's Diane Rehm Show Today!
  228. Interesting Letter from my Congressman.
  229. Contact your Congress: Easy mode
  230. W.Va. moves to tighten laws for wild animal owners
  231. NARBC Arlington Texas
  232. Looks like IL is next...
  233. Illinois to ban all pythons and boas under Dangerous Animal Act of 2012
  234. Informative FB page - The Humane Society of the United States Initiative
  235. Illinois Reptile Ban Introduced / Ohio Hearing Scheduled
  236. Please help us keep our pets!! LOOK!
  237. USARK update!
  238. Proposal for required $100,000 liability insurance per animal???
  239. Illinois residents! Here's the link to send your letter!!
  240. Stop Indiana Dangerous Animal Ban IN1288, SIGN THIS PETITION ASAP!
  241. Illinois Reptile Letter Campaign and SPAM Filters
  242. Ft. Lauderdale repticon 2012
  243. Idea to effect good PR for the hobby.
  244. UPDATE: Ohio, Virginia & Rhode Island
  245. Finding state laws?
  246. If you live in Illinois READ!
  247. Some confusion on NY law.
  248. USARK Major Accomplishments
  249. People make my head hurt...
  250. Dane Co WI proposes to ban Exotics