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  1. Chamber of Commerce opposes S373.
  2. Annual revenue from reptile supplies?
  3. Tell Congress What You Think About S373 Now!
  4. Responce I recived from Senator JOHN CORNYN (Texas)
  5. HSUS story very funny
  6. Inspiration to fight for our rights.
  7. Please sign the petition for the Tarantula Hobby
  8. HSUS Kills! Post this widget!
  9. CBO on HR2811
  10. Making Calls
  11. Come on people!
  12. Minds Can Be Changed
  13. Just an idea
  14. Dec .20 /09 news article S373
  15. Retic Reclassification? Can we?
  16. This doesn't look good.
  17. The HSUS really is crafty!
  18. python and boa
  19. Global Warming Could Mean No More Pets
  20. An Eerie Glimpse of Whats to Come
  21. Giant Snake Invasion with Nigel Marven
  22. Neuter the HSUS
  23. Local Reptile Owners Fighting Proposed Snake Ban
  24. New No Python & Boa Ban Flyer
  25. Youtube Video about S373
  26. Snake ban
  27. Do they read our emails?
  28. My Opinion
  29. Today's meeting with Senator Cornyn's staff
  30. KILL S373 Campaign from USARK
  31. Attorney: PETA worker neglected snakes in his care
  32. New kill-S373 video
  33. Message from Jonathan Brady USARK
  34. January Shows - Kill S373
  35. Reptile Radio - tonight!
  36. New Jersey Breeding Permits
  37. Snake Ban? (Just read)
  38. WAKE UP! Kill S373-DEADLINE 1/12/10
  39. USARK Video - Andrew Wyatt & Don Schultz
  40. HSUS Fraud story today
  41. Is S373 part of your future?
  42. Fight against S373
  43. copy of the letter I am sending
  44. My Letters to D.C.
  45. response to my letter regarding S373
  46. Yea them temperate Southern states are going to have pythons running all over them
  47. I think I’ll join HSUS
  48. Response letter from Senator Roland Burris
  49. Response from Mark Udall, US Senator for CO
  50. Thought of the Day
  51. Just posted
  52. Calling all Ladies - Diary Entry from Tracy Barker
  53. Interesting CNN article today
  54. DEADLINE Extended for Kill-S373!
  55. IRS Audit of HSUS???
  56. Letters have to be hand written?
  57. Nh & ma residents!!!!!
  58. PayPal and IRS
  59. Answer for DE reptile people
  60. HSUS tax form 08
  61. WI Members
  62. My letter to Senator Jim DeMint
  63. HSUS Gets a C-
  64. Indiana Bill
  65. My meeting with Senato Bennett's aid
  66. Don't Forget...
  67. S373 issue
  68. This is what I like to see
  69. S373 Effort: Special Thanks
  70. Bill in Georgia
  71. Rhode Island S2027
  72. They think the snakes can survive this?!??!?
  73. Oklahoma exotic ban SB 1798
  74. New York Anti-Reptile Bill A07935
  75. Petition to Stop Asian Carp in Great Lakes
  76. Good News Regarding S373/HR2811
  77. US Fish & Wildlife Press Release
  78. Any news on S373?
  79. Inundate US F&W eith e-mail...
  80. Important edit to thread!...
  81. US moves to ban imports of invasive snakes
  82. FL Local news story supports S373
  83. Letter from my Democratic Senator
  84. And now senate bill 318
  85. The inside story on the proposed snake ban; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Ignore Science
  86. 2010 Legislation So Far
  87. The Consumerist:
  88. Perhaps "inundate" should be.......
  89. CBO on S373
  90. Spay & neuter HSUS update follow up time
  91. Python show on Nature
  92. this is the class of peta members
  93. HR2811/ S373 Legislative Update
  94. GA S303/ Repticon Atlanta
  95. PETA attacks groundhog day.
  96. Mississippi H1293
  97. OPPOSE GA S303 - Regulating Certain Reptiles
  98. NatPET Response to the NY Times
  99. Introducing HumaneWatch
  100. DWR considers making poisonous snakes legal
  101. Owners criticize constrictor restrictions
  102. UPDATE: Oppose GA S303
  103. Snake lovers fear transporting rules would hurt hobby
  104. New Mexico & Germany
  105. 12 Year old in North Idaho fights s 373
  106. Reptile Nation Prevails on GA S303
  107. Snowbirds
  108. Mississippi Bill
  109. Shipping to Canada
  110. Article about frozen pythons in Everglades
  111. Fight S373 link to opencongress.org
  112. Urgent Action Needed
  113. Please stop posting negative info
  114. Bear Market in Boas: Proposed Laws Strangle Sales of Mutant Snakes
  115. What ever happened to...
  116. LOL Burm Country at it's best
  117. OPPOSE FL S318 Reptile Ban Today
  118. Article in The Economist
  119. Update on Florida SB 318, a Florida Ban on Responsible Snake Ownership
  120. Proposed Rule Change Delayed
  121. UPDATE: Florida S318 Passes Committee
  122. Urgent Action Needed to Help Maryland Pet Owners
  123. Burmese Python Distinct Species
  124. how you can donate to pijac/usark for free
  125. How YOU can help NatPet (National Pet Association) -- The Reptile Print Auction!
  126. US House Committee Meeting on Invasive Species
  127. FWC Chairman Plans to Remain Tough on Pythons
  128. voice your opinion on S373 & VOTE
  129. HSUS Racketeering lawsuit filed
  130. letter from senate
  131. New L.A. County Ordinance Proposal
  132. California to ban Non native Frogs and Turtles
  133. Oppose CA Regs to Ban Frogs, Turtles, and Beaded Lizards
  134. WI to Declassify Animals as Property
  135. Ohioans have spoken about animal care
  136. Kentucky bill 517 ( HSUS sponsored )
  137. USARK Succeeds in California
  138. NY Times Python Blog
  139. Utah board upholds ban on rattlesnakes as pets
  140. White House Invites USARK to Comment on Python Ban
  141. python hunting
  142. State of the Reptile Nation
  143. WARNING: Propsed Rule Change/ USFWS
  144. HR2811 - Burm & Rock Ban - Update
  145. New Nat Geo Blog By Tracy&Dave Barker
  146. Speak Up Connecticut Residents
  147. ACTION: Stop CT Ban of Reptiles
  148. Spay/Neuter HSUS Update
  149. Snake slaying was improper, wildlife officials say (WARNING GRAPHIC!)
  150. Volunteers Needed For Global Pet Expo / Orlando
  151. Where to complain about the Lacey Act proposal
  152. A letter from my senator!!!
  153. House Natural Resources Committee Hearing/ Big 9
  154. Web cast on "How To Manage Large Constrictor Snakes And Other
  155. PR: Invasive Species Hearing
  156. Finally a positive article on the Burm situation in Florida
  157. Fast Track the tax audit of HSUS
  158. IRS Audit of HSUS is now underway
  159. House Republicans Say Interior Secretary's Proposed Snake Ban Bad for Business
  160. UK London
  161. UPDATE: Invasive Species Hearing
  162. RI approved rules effective April 2010
  163. NJ law for reptiles
  164. ummmm IOWA????
  165. From USARK: Re: USFWS Comment Period
  166. Gordon Rodda fabricating science
  167. April Shows
  168. UPDATE: California
  169. your fine HSUS at work here again!
  170. LA-State could create trade-in program for illegal animals
  171. More April Shows
  172. Public Comment USFWS Rule Change
  173. PA State Laws on Owning a Ball Python?
  174. HSUS: Animal Welfare or Self Enrichment
  175. Animal Rights?
  176. City considers stepping up oversight of exotic pets
  177. Support Reptile Insider Fund Raising Auction
  178. Video - Kill "Rule Change"
  179. Kill-RuleChange Campaign
  180. Anybody awake?
  181. We have a week to change Crist's mind
  182. PIJAC PetAlert for Louisiana
  183. Kill-RuleChange Campaign
  184. Counter the Negative Propaganda
  185. Kill Louisiana - HB1354 Reptile Ban
  186. Got this letter from my Representative.
  187. Article in most recent issue of REPTILES magazine
  188. nevada laws
  189. Kill Rule Change Message from Andrew
  190. ALERT: USARK Challenge/USFWS Rule Change
  191. RED ALERT: Fast & Easy Comment on Rule Change
  192. Important Notice for those in NM
  193. Repticon Baltimore Show
  194. USARK Public Comment/ 30 Day Extension
  195. Amphibian Rule Change
  196. Sb-318
  197. USARK update-Special interests push for S373!
  198. Rocky Mountain Reptile Expo review
  199. OMG! Look what the opposition is doing!
  200. Petition advice.. Let me know!!
  201. New Mexico looking to pass some new legislation
  202. IMPORTANT! Please sign this petition
  203. help me with a notice.
  204. Kill Louisiana- HB1354 Reptile Ban
  205. Re-Opening of Public Comment
  206. New Cold Study Discredits USGS Constrictor Report
  207. USARK June Show Schedule
  208. New Mexico Reptile Ban
  209. So SB 318 passed? :(
  210. Hr323!!!
  211. LA-Snake bill would have statewide Impact
  212. in what state are the followin legal
  213. Intern Wanted - Please Apply!
  214. NRBE Auction to Benefit USARK
  215. Has anyone successfully fought a city bylaw against owning reptiles?
  216. Does PA require Breeding permits?
  217. US Fish & Wildlife Service Re-opens Public Comment on Proposed Rule Change
  218. Landmark Ohio Animal Welfare Agreement Reached
  219. Well, here we go.... Several new Florida laws take effect Thursday
  220. CNN to Promote Radical Animal Rights Agenda
  221. New Kill-Rule Change Campaign: Public Comment Re-Opened
  222. S.F. considers banning sale of pets except fish
  223. RED ALERT: Stop SF Pet Ban Now!
  224. San Francisco Pet Ban is TABLED
  225. Repticon FIRE Show/ Volunteers
  226. "HSUS donations solicited through misleading ads"
  227. Oppose the Boa & Python Ban!
  228. Question for those in Oakville, ONT.
  229. Oh good - now we have an idiotic precedent.
  230. Please Donate NRBE Daytona Auction
  231. Last Chance Public Comment
  232. Python Hunters TV Show
  233. what 9 snakes are being put on the ban list?
  234. what snakes are illegal in new jersey? :snake:
  235. DEADLINE Monday 8/2/10
  236. Statistics from 2009 thought this might help in our fight against s373
  237. Trend: Bowtie Press (owner of Reptiles Magazine)
  238. Arizona's retricted species list ect
  239. Florida Bans Burmese Pythons, Other ‘Reptiles of Concern
  240. san antonio Texas?
  241. Updates & Fundraising
  242. Just found out constrictors arent aloud in the Hometown.
  243. My 11 day correspondence with AZ FISH AND GAME
  244. Dealing with the Humaniacs
  245. Vanishing Laws
  246. Where can you keep the GIANTS in Canada?
  247. Breeding Permits for Montreal, Quebec?
  248. USARK Summer Board Meeting/ CITES Workshop
  249. Need the real deal on red tail boas in Flordia
  250. Austin Reptile Expo