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  1. Multimammate Mouse, Common African Rat, Soft-furred or African Soft-furred Rat
  2. First African soft-furred litter!
  3. Just a few pics
  4. African Soft furred
  5. African Soft Fur Rats
  6. Got Me Some African Soft Fur!
  7. Albino African Softfur!!
  8. African Soft Fur (Rat Family)
  9. asf RATS as pets
  10. African Soft Fur Rat Questions
  11. African Rat husbandry
  12. well i bought a few african soft furred rats
  13. african rats
  14. African Soft-Furred Rats
  15. African soft furs with feeding pic
  16. african rats - and back to normal rats?
  17. Trying my hand at....
  18. African Soft Furs
  19. so whats the deal
  20. Looking for Soft furred in TX
  21. A act of kindness!
  22. New African Soft Furreds
  23. multimamate rateing
  24. 2 New Trios of ASF's
  25. ASF and Regular rats
  26. African soft hairs.
  27. Considering ASFs.. have any advice?
  28. ASF trio
  29. Oat straw for ASfs?
  30. Some Pups and A Diffenet flavour in the Oven
  31. ASF Rats
  32. ASFs: no dice yet
  33. ASFs... Where?
  34. ASF foster moms
  35. Got my ASF's
  36. whats the point of ASFR
  37. ASF Rats
  38. oh dear... sweet j please help!!!
  39. fed off my ASFs
  40. African soft furred rats
  41. Why I do not like African Rats *graphic*
  42. ASF family
  43. paying it forward - foster update
  44. post pics of your ASF's!!!!
  45. Unexpected ASF deaths...questions..??
  46. African Soft Fur Rats
  47. ASF the same a Natal rats
  48. asf's and mazuri 6f
  49. My ASF trio!
  50. ASF Care, Breed, Size?
  51. Ahhh... free from the weekly pet store bill
  52. ASF Price gouging?
  53. ASFR's and weight gain
  54. Is the Rex gene dominant?
  55. New ASF Project!
  56. 1/2" too big?
  57. That is just nasty!
  58. When can I remove the babies?
  59. ASF pinkie size comparison?
  60. WOO!! First litter!! (possible DUW)
  61. Not all asf are biters
  62. substrate
  63. Fostering baby ASFs
  64. First Litter Thanks ED
  65. Hairless ASF's?
  66. Rats... the tireless foster parents...
  67. Lots of questions
  68. they r good
  69. My favorite ASF pic
  70. Housing & Similarity questions
  71. ASF Breeders
  72. Getting excited about mickey mouse!
  73. First ASF litter - Thanks Ed
  74. I want to try to breed ASF's
  75. why do ball pythons seem to eat these things w/o reservation?
  76. I think ASF's are cute!
  77. Update on Hairless ASF's
  78. First ASF Litter - Thanks Kelly
  79. ASF in mass?
  80. How do you pick up ASF?
  81. First ASF Litter
  82. Is it true what they say about ASF's
  83. ASF Thread
  84. Picked up ASFs later that day from Mike Cavanaugh
  85. When to wean?
  86. First Successful ASF Litter!!
  87. Productive Breeding Life
  88. my asf's dont want to "do it"
  89. ASF's killing off males
  90. ASF comparison pics (graphic!)
  91. ASF Litter sizes
  92. How many breeders do I needs
  93. Help with Sexing- Has pics
  94. Anyone breeding for size?
  95. I Got some ASF's
  96. ASF tank lab block hopper instructions with detailed pics!!!
  97. Anybody in Colorado Springs
  98. How do i tell if a rat is an ASF?
  99. New ASF pics :)
  100. Anybody in nepa/ny/nj have asfs?
  101. Can I move a momma/litter to a new tank?
  102. ASF Caresheet
  103. Just Got My Asf's Tonight!
  104. what do you keep your ASF's in
  105. ASF size compared to a mouse...
  106. Glad to see an ASF area here :)
  107. how to get ahold of them?
  108. Are ASF's going to replace regular rats in the BP community?
  109. Any Asf Breeders in NW Florida?
  110. Can ASF's be bred in same room as snakes?
  111. legal issuse
  112. ASF Tall Tub Lab Block Hopper with picks
  113. A thought on why they like ASF's compared to Regular feeders
  114. ASF breeders in SE Michigan?
  115. ASFs for corns?
  116. ASF sterilite tub (pics)
  117. Weaning?
  118. Have a serious little problem and need help
  119. ASF Trio - Females Fighting
  120. young dying
  121. One of my near 150 gram males
  122. ASFs and the summer time HEAT!
  123. When will they start breeding?
  124. i just had my first litter
  125. Ok, I will make this short and sweet...
  126. Looking for some in Western South Dakota
  127. ASF escape!
  128. When do you notice the females are preggo?
  129. Adding new blood to a colony?
  130. New blood to an old colony
  131. How long til yours bred?
  132. First few ASF litters, thanks Mike Cavanaugh
  133. Easy grow out setup.
  134. Some weanling asf pics
  135. I Have Babies
  136. She popped!!!!!!
  137. 3 legged ASF... creepy.
  138. ASF's in tennessee??
  139. Need help finding ASF
  140. protein questions
  141. ASF Rat's At Daytona?? anyone????
  142. cannibalism oh mannnnnn
  143. 'Small Rats?'
  144. well...
  145. Taking forever to breed?
  146. Well After 2 Months Six Trios
  147. Question on weaning...
  148. Male breeder question
  149. They play fetch!?!
  150. Best way to make the switch from ASF's to regular mice/rats?
  151. My asf video
  152. ASF's aplenty!
  153. Asf
  154. if you are from GA and are supposed to be getting some asf's from me
  155. ASF temperatures if kept in the garage for the winter
  156. Pregnant asfs!( Pics)
  157. Anybody have data / opinions on Wheels???
  158. ASF's in MO
  159. How many per breeding group? How many per tank?
  160. Look at the size of this male!!!! [PICS]
  161. ASF's at NARBC
  162. Finally Babies are here!!
  163. Fighting???
  164. Average number of litters?
  165. Is an ASF colony worth it for around 10 BPs?
  166. eating babys
  167. Are they allergic to carefresh?
  168. African Soft Furred rat
  169. hi everyone my asf collection!!!!!!
  170. Holy.... Babies Everywhere!!!
  171. The good mixed with the bad.
  172. Possible lameness
  173. ASF's in Central Pennsylvania?
  174. ASF, history in the US ?
  175. Oh how I love tee let me count the ways!
  176. Dumbo ASFS
  177. New colony and babies getting eaten.
  178. ASFs in Chicagoland area??
  179. Color Genetics?
  180. Another video
  181. More pinks!
  182. new colour patterns / Colors? you tell me.
  183. sticky feces
  184. Out with the old...
  185. Feeding ASF's
  186. What do you guys feed your ASF baby rats when
  187. ASF in a rat rack?
  188. Looking for ASF in South or Central MI
  189. Asf foster mice ???
  190. was of introducing new asfs to an already started colony when mad
  191. ASF vs. normal rats
  192. Just getting my collony started. Help me out :)
  193. I got two
  194. Virginia law?
  195. ASF Breeders in Arizona
  196. Praise be to the almighty ASFS!!!!!!!
  197. Crazy little buggers!
  198. What Ratio?
  199. Albino??
  200. Floor space
  201. Considering breeding ASF's
  202. Whats wrong with my ASF's?
  203. ASF Breeders, Look here!!
  204. Thinking about breeding ASF rats in SC
  205. My first ASF litter :))
  206. New ASF's
  207. They Ate them all!
  208. Women can be so mean...
  209. I'm sick of mice, Bring on the ASF's!
  210. There was an old lady who lived in a.....
  211. I own the meanest ASFs!!!
  212. how early to establish colonies?
  213. Litter Sizes and Sex Ratios
  214. Freakin' Rodents.......
  215. Hey Mike - the husband fed off my pet rat! WAAAAA!!!!
  216. First Babies :)
  217. First Prego
  218. So what do YOU do with your "retired" breeders?
  219. we need asf!!!!!
  220. lots of death..
  221. "corn cob holder bird feeders" as water guards?
  222. Looking for ASF Rats in Western Mass
  223. coloney set up pictures
  224. Mike! Fireflame is PREGO!!!
  225. Increase in snake population
  226. Turning lab block to dust...
  227. Lost one yesterday
  228. Prego huddled in corner ????
  229. ASFs in an apartment
  230. Are they worth it
  231. Depression
  232. 2 Litters!
  233. ASFs
  234. first bite and a runner
  235. My new asf colony
  236. Weaning ASF's
  237. Weanlings Dead
  238. I need some ASF's in Omaha Ne
  239. Crossbreeding?
  240. Trouble switching to ASF
  241. feeder size
  242. ASF Size Chart
  243. Feeder Food!
  244. Dairy foods for rats.
  245. hardware cloth???
  246. Asf morph
  247. Re-introduction
  248. Help Please....
  249. asf food ( they should not get )
  250. Females not getting re-preggo