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  1. ASF markings ?
  2. Small Litters?
  3. I got a new lease on life....er ASF's
  4. ASF Rats
  5. ASF's Hoax Style Huge DUW
  6. Are these ASF's
  7. PIC HEAVY!!! Types of ASF's the incomplete list
  8. Fed off my first ASF I produced
  9. BAD news Georgia... :( ASF's BANNED
  10. Lonely young ASF, wat to do with him?
  11. PLEASE READ: Looking for ASF's Threads
  12. are they just mutliply too quick ?
  13. What kind of gore am i in for?
  14. Any Major Differences?
  15. black-eyed whites
  16. Father ASF too much of a Good Daddy??
  17. experimenting!!
  18. A few pics
  19. havent had any more litters :/
  20. First Litter of ASF's YAA!
  21. Losing babies for one reason or another...
  22. Escaped ASFs
  23. One of my rats died because of the exercise wheel.
  24. Captured escapee"s
  25. When do you separate ASFs??
  26. What kind of bedding do you use for your breeder groups?
  27. Heating ASF cage
  28. PLEASE take a look...
  29. asf's don't smell? mine do
  30. Texas Law
  31. Do you pre-scent with ASFs?
  32. Pair of ASFs
  33. Does anyone know of ASF's carry Sendai or SDA?
  34. ASF Chew blocks
  35. how many in a group?
  36. You want what??
  37. Anyone have ASF's in Northern NJ area.
  38. Lots of death...
  39. What kinda of Water Bottles to use?
  40. First litter...
  41. I already lost one!!!
  42. Noob post - Anyone on here ship f/t ASFs and if not where is the best place to buy?
  43. Any Tips on increasing Growth of ASF?
  44. Does anyone offer thier rats a dust bath?
  45. update on my ASF stupidity
  46. ONline ordering
  47. ASF Size chart?
  48. Tumor in Ear?
  49. Some albino's born
  50. I need a little ASF info, please.
  51. Your largest litter
  52. Umm they are potty trained lol!
  53. Warning!!! Do not read if you are queasy!!!
  54. Learn from my tragic mistake!
  55. Introducing new breeding groups
  56. New and nervous!
  57. Dirty Enclosure w/babies
  58. Finally got some ASF's!!!!!
  59. Finally got some pics of my first litters
  60. Good deal or rip off?
  61. Not making a proper nest + dead babies??
  62. Interesting way of housing ASFs (mazes)
  63. One breeding group fostering another breeding groups pinks
  64. Babies!!! :)
  65. Got my first ASFS!
  66. is this normal?
  67. Should I keep them or feed them?
  68. 2 story rat house
  69. I goofed up
  70. New babies
  71. ISO ASF breeder in MA
  72. Finnnally got my collony started!! have a few questions
  73. Should I be concerned?
  74. ASF Tell ALLS... Finally decided to reveal to my BP.net brothers and sisters....
  75. Rat rack and auto water system...
  76. Greatly bad news
  77. ASF's in NC
  78. She popped!
  79. My first ASF prego is due any day... PIC
  80. A few questions.
  81. bigger monsters than i thought
  82. Why to not keep males together (Graphic Pic's Be Warned)
  83. A few of my little ones
  84. They are ready for their own home
  85. ASF's birth to weaning
  86. Quick question about my ASF breeders...
  87. ASF over mice and rats
  88. Got rid of my asf...
  89. How long should I wait?
  90. Quick question about new breeding groups...
  91. A couple of pics of my ASFRs
  92. I got babies!!
  93. One of my males died yesterday
  94. some baby pics i took a couple days ago!!
  95. I like big butts...
  96. My cheap asf caging
  97. My first litter
  98. My first litter
  99. Thinking about Getting ASF's
  100. Asf's illegal?
  101. Took a long time but I finally made one!
  102. Those weird rats
  103. ASF's really odorless?
  104. ASF's couple Q's...
  105. soon, very soon.
  106. Successful Introduction of a New Male into an Established Colony
  107. Ideal Tub size for ASF rack
  108. I got babys
  109. Any ideas for tubs 12x24x6 deep?
  110. Best place for millet
  111. New to ASFs
  112. Dead babies
  113. ASF Help
  114. Holy COW lots of pinks!!
  115. building ASF rack, I got some ?'s
  116. Update on my group
  117. ASF Setup
  118. ASF in same room as snakes?
  119. asf lines
  120. grr face ripped off :(((
  121. Tried something new; lost a body part in the process
  122. What to do with too many ASF ??
  123. Red ASF's
  124. ASF's??
  125. I've tried searching, still need help re: water bottles and cages
  126. New Food Dispenser
  127. Major Success Story
  128. something new??
  129. How to tell if your ASF's are good producers
  130. Well...Shoot...
  131. BABIES (no pics yet)
  132. 2nd momma bust today!
  133. ASF & Hooded Housed Together?
  134. question???
  135. Number of offspring???
  136. How many ASF's
  137. how many litters?
  138. my first litter YAY
  139. vid of asfs and their addiction to the wheel
  140. Willing having some undersized females in my breeding groups delay mating?
  141. Your Colony Number Set Up???
  142. Skin Lumps
  143. ASF Size
  144. How many???
  145. Has anyone here ever bred ASF siblings together?
  146. Randomness
  147. ASF vs. Rats (live)
  148. ASF's and cats
  149. Yummy Golf Balls!
  150. ok i might try a rodent rack for asfs but i got ?'s
  151. Oh my where are they!
  152. Oversized Testicles?
  153. ASF Lighting?
  154. asf rack mesh size
  155. weird behavior
  156. ASF's not breeding... too hot??
  157. ASFs Prefered Foods
  158. What feeds promote faster growth/maturity?
  159. What's color got to do with it....
  160. new blood??
  161. Mazuri 6F vs. 9F
  162. ASF growing up with thin to no fur?
  163. ASFs DOMINATE waterbottle.
  164. How many
  165. ASF Racks?
  166. I have an asf....
  167. 2 litters...0 survivors. Help!?!?!?!
  168. 2 Male ASF`s
  169. Question about weaning?!?
  170. ASF Success
  171. not breeding?
  172. Downsize living space?
  173. need optioin for bedding
  174. Should i breed ASF or Mice?
  175. Differences between my two groups
  176. ASF's weaned and Hmm not sure
  177. picolab 5053
  178. Finally up and running!
  179. Rex or hairless asf's?
  180. DIY ASF Tubs
  181. A few asf?s
  182. ASF Setup
  183. what size hardware cloth for food hoppers?
  184. New Blood lines
  185. Variety is the Spice of Life...
  186. The Great ASF escape!
  187. ASF Carnage
  188. ASF rat info help
  189. Miserable ASFs
  190. need a little help and guidance
  191. my first litter! and pics of my setup
  192. mom's behaviour with new babies
  193. ASF stats thus far...
  194. Day/Night Cycle?
  195. Water bottle problems
  196. Need help! Babies look starved...
  197. BEW and PEW
  198. Silent water bottle/sipper
  199. Leaking Bottles
  200. Weaning & Weanlings
  201. Blah one of my males died can i add a new one !
  202. Avoid DISASTER for about a buck.
  203. Different ASF?
  204. Males
  205. New ASF Rack
  206. ASF pinky survival tip
  207. You know you are addicted when...
  208. Trying a new tub for the first time !
  209. My first and last escape...
  210. asf rats
  211. Damn you mike :) had me losing my mind !
  212. Need help making quiet enclosure
  213. some babbies and the parents
  214. tail chewing?
  215. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Fur Devils Babies are here I'm Scared
  216. WARNING: the importance of water being available AT ALL TIMES
  217. capri-sun accident
  218. some new stock
  219. Uh oh....
  220. ASFs with puss sacks under chin???
  221. Male & Female Litter Ratio
  222. ASF or mouse?
  223. My new tubs
  224. asf with seizures
  225. a vid of some asfs
  226. 1.5 colony finally poppin' babies out, few questions.
  227. What do you give your ASF's to chew on?
  228. how do you tell when they're preggers?
  229. Housing size????
  230. ASF biting your snake?
  231. ASF's making a huge mess!
  232. First litter of ASF's
  233. rack build tub ?
  234. babies!
  235. some asf pics with a better camera
  236. new rack (DUW)
  237. 2 Different Litters Question
  238. My last original female finally passed on...
  239. ASF lids, lets see your setup
  240. my asfs and lab cages
  241. Breeder female Dies whils pregnant
  242. anyone have issues with 1st time mothers?
  243. how often do you clean the bedding?
  244. Has anyone breed ASFs to mice?
  245. how old until the male stops doing his job?
  246. FINALLY! my IDEAL ASF setup!
  247. ASF setup made from wood
  248. Colony & baby pics
  249. First litter all dead but 2 ? Help!!!
  250. Parental neglect