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  1. Feeder Euthanasia the Easy Way, and Humane too...
  2. Building & Plumbing a Rodent Rack
  3. DIY Large Rack
  4. New Homemade Rack w/ Set Up Pics... (DUW Big Time)
  5. Carbon Air Purifier - DIY
  6. Carbon Air Purifier - DIY
  7. My Feeder Euthanizer (DIY CO2 chamber)
  8. New Rat Bins
  9. New Rack Complete
  10. Built My Rack!
  11. My Incubator
  12. Has anyone converted furniture to a herp enclosure?
  13. I'm confused *thermostat*
  14. Household thermostat?
  15. Polyurethane ok to use?
  16. ASF tank lab block hopper instructions with detailed pics!!!
  17. Built a Rat Rack
  18. DIY Ozone generator
  19. DIY Misting?
  20. How to go about using something like this
  21. So I went with a new idea...
  22. Small hides
  23. Changing a Helix to grounded plug???
  24. plastic snake racks
  25. rat hopper construction
  26. DIY cooler incubator
  27. Homemade Basking Platform With Ramp
  28. Cooler Incubator by Degei
  29. Cutting and securing Flexwatt
  30. For your RBI rack owners...
  31. 20 Tub Cornsnake Hatchling Rack
  32. Expanded PVC rack project
  33. Heat tape?
  34. Built a rack?
  35. Flexwatt; 11" or 4"?
  36. Heat tape and thermostat question
  37. DIY - 3 stage aquarium filter
  38. Cheap, fast, easy and humane euthanasia
  39. Thermostat and electrical strip?
  40. DIY ASF tubs?
  41. How to make a "humidity window"
  42. Simple Enclosure Build
  43. Rodent Power
  44. Temporary Holding Box
  45. My new mouse rack
  46. DIY Home-made "realistic" Hides
  47. my own rack
  48. Buying plastic for building enclosures?
  49. Aquarium Background and Foam Core Insulation
  50. My Feeder Euthanizer (DIY CO2 chamber) ***UPDATE***
  51. 3 Snake racking system
  52. planning a future reptile enclosure
  53. To use the tops for the tubs, or not to use the tops for the tubs...
  54. DIY Rheostat (dimmer) for temp control
  55. So you think you can build a rack like Pwilliams58?
  56. Where to get heat tape?
  57. Water supply experiment
  58. CO2 Chamber- Airtight?
  59. Rack tub sizes? AKA: Am I reading all this right?
  60. wiring dimmer switch with extention cord question
  61. Sterilite 28 quarts.... Nobody has them?
  62. Field herping Stick?
  63. Heat Tape in Canada?
  64. How to retrofit sliding doors onto this?
  65. Clay recipe for hides - can it be used for waterbowl as well?
  66. CO2 chamber for $26 or less
  67. rabbit hutch
  68. Just finished my new rack
  69. found an awesome cut list program for you DIYers
  70. Has anyone tried this for a DIY incubator?
  71. Cooler + Hovabator Incubator Option
  72. Help for crested gecko cages?
  73. Plug in dimmer?
  74. can I use flexwatt on...
  75. Looking for expanded PVC foam board supplier
  76. Wiring a thermostat?
  77. soon to be incubator
  78. how bout flexwatt on a fish tank? :D
  79. Insulating behind heat tape
  80. Mini-fridge Incubator questions
  81. Incubator questions
  82. Black Melamine Sheets? Chain stores that sell it?
  83. Homemade snake hook
  84. How to mount dome lamps
  85. Flex Watt Placement?
  86. Egg Tub Question?
  87. When wiring flex watt
  88. questions about auto-water system
  89. wooden tops for tank ??s
  90. So whats the deal with fans?
  91. What is going on with the flex watt?
  92. Expandable hides
  93. Getting a Ball Soon!
  94. New Rack
  95. My new set up.
  96. Wiring a computer fan
  97. My new RACK!! Woot Woot!! (new design)
  98. Rats...Tanks to Tubs
  99. Light and Fan in mini fridge incubator?
  100. Fat Boy Incubator (pic heavy)
  101. UTH for new cage?
  102. need ideas for a new lid
  103. I love racks!
  104. flexwatt
  105. ReptiTemp 500R???????
  106. Flexwatt in a home made rack?
  107. Questions about tubs and flexwatt
  108. reasonable thermostat idea?
  109. MAJOR flexwatt issues
  110. New Q-bater and rat rack
  111. Finished My Mouse Rack
  112. Great bit for drilling plastic
  113. Just finished my water system
  114. Let's see those racks...
  115. automatic water system problems...help
  116. If your home made rack has belly heat, Please Read...
  117. Flexwatt heat tape
  118. How should I heat my cage
  119. white melamine racks help.
  120. Woo! Got almost all my parts for my 41qt boa rack!
  121. So I am building a "sideways" rack
  122. making a fake rock?
  123. What kind of wood for a rat rack?
  124. Can someone post me a link to where I can find a good melamine edging tool?
  125. light box
  126. 85 tub hatchling rack
  127. Made these two fake rock hides
  128. fixed it....... I think
  129. Hides for 50 cents!!!!
  130. fridge incubator
  131. EZ perch
  132. Building a Sideways Rack, Progress DUW(seriously)
  133. Tub question. =]]]
  134. Help me set up 2 individual tubs quickly?
  135. Finally finished my Incubator
  136. not a handyman
  137. Set up with V-70 Tubs
  138. DIY Incubator
  139. my attempt at a rack
  140. First attempt at DIY rack. Eight 41qt tub rack.
  141. question about wiring a ranco
  142. Making a rat/mouse rack!!??
  143. Belly Heat or Back Heat for racks?
  144. Wardrobe Incubator
  145. Building a rack...
  146. cutting 3" flexwatt
  147. Built a new rat rack
  148. Rack Planning
  149. The Accurite Therm/Hydgro Mod
  150. Completed Rack Pics
  151. rack question
  152. Rack Designs
  153. Reptile room rebuild
  154. New Reptile Room Part 1
  155. Dimmer switch? plus a few other rack questions
  156. flexwatt question
  157. Cheap hides on a budget!
  158. ? & a tip
  159. Need help on rat rack
  160. Flex Watt issue
  161. A rock that weighs nothing?
  162. New Storage and Snake Room!
  163. Has anyone tried this?
  164. Ranco Thermostat repair?
  165. so what tubs replace the 32 sterlites?
  166. New Hatchling/Sideways rack
  167. custom cage info..
  168. my new rack
  169. Well I DID IT!!
  170. What size and type of screws do you use on Melamine wood?
  171. melemine questions
  172. 19 tub Iris MCB-L 30qt Rack
  173. Built a rodent rack
  174. Anyone remember this rodent rack thread?
  175. Building new Cage question on Lighting
  176. new rack progress
  177. Would you use an on/off thermostat for a BP egg incubator?
  178. Would this be suitable as an incubator?
  179. Hatchling Rack Built
  180. building my new reptile room in freezing conditions ..
  181. DIY Run Wheel...YAY!
  182. Rat Rack Results
  183. I promise, last time, NEW RACK (9 34qt Sterilite)
  184. Rack ideas
  185. Incubator Done
  186. Tight Budget Hatchling Rack
  187. Opinions on Incubator..
  188. T-stat failure
  189. Will the new sterilite tubs work??
  190. How can I remove my uth to replace it?
  191. The Frugal Herper's Snake Rack
  192. Going to build my first rack!
  193. first rack? plywood.
  194. need help making rack under 50
  195. Hatchling Rack
  196. Rack paint questions
  197. Tools We Wish We Had
  198. Just a little something.
  199. heat tape help please!!!
  200. Incubator Question
  201. New rack built have a couple questions
  202. Incubator Setup Pictures
  203. What do I need to order?
  204. Igloo cooler questions
  205. What do you use as Hides?
  206. Room heaters?
  207. Rat rack question
  208. new rat rack
  209. incubator
  210. How to Solder Flexwatt(Pictures)
  211. DIY racks vs Rhinoraxx, boaphile, animal plastics, etc
  212. Want to build a rack, questionsss.
  213. snake racks
  214. oil based polyeurathane
  215. Mouse Houses
  216. My Euthanization Chamber
  217. New Jersey Area: Free Freezer (Potential Incubator?)
  218. Flexx Watt Help
  219. Lighting delays?
  220. Need help with wine fridge incubator
  221. Incubator fan
  222. Heat pads at 2 different temperatures with one Thermostat
  223. Finally finished...
  224. Any potential problems with this custom hide?
  225. do i need help with my rack set up ?
  226. 17" Flexwatt
  227. putting together first rack
  228. LED lighting for reptile tanks
  229. Tub sale at my local walmart
  230. Temps in my rack are off
  231. New Rack
  232. Vision rack issues & Johnson A419 offset.
  233. max heat for heat tape?
  234. material to build enclosure?
  235. building a rack, wiring flexwatt in parallel
  236. Incubator
  237. 1st time builder have a few questions??
  238. Disabeling Auto-Shutoff on Human Heat Pads
  239. mouse litter tub chewing issues!!
  240. Mini fridge incubator, opinions needed...
  241. Rat Rack Reservoir Connection?
  242. 40 gal horozontal to vertical tank conversion
  243. Rat Rack ?s
  244. hatchling rack and incubator
  245. Home Depot Plastic Garage shelving racks..has anyone used these as a rack?
  246. new to racks, need small question answered
  247. Versatile DIY rack
  248. Wiring flexwatt
  249. Fantastic DIY Hide Tutorial!
  250. First Time Rack, help!! belly heat question