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  1. 3,000 King Cobras empty town
  2. Biologist treating wild frogs? WTF?
  3. Fluffy Dies
  4. Iguana fart - that is all
  5. My Rodent Room
  6. My Ball Pythons Room
  7. The bar is being lowered for conservation
  8. Record Florida Gater killed.
  9. INTERPOL is my new sugar daddy
  10. redneck herps radio 3rd November 6pm central
  11. Boa Constrictors Can Have Babies Without Mating
  12. Gucci, Hermès, Cartier & Co.: Stop the snake slaughter in Indonesia!
  13. redneckherps radio 7th november 6pm central US time
  14. Some news from the weekend and a special guest
  15. Vietnamese eating undiscovered lizards
  16. redneckherps radio 10th november 6pm central US time
  17. Thread moved to QT
  18. Steve Irwin Day
  19. Stories of Alligators and Crocodiles
  20. Interview with Kevin McCurley Part-1
  21. First conjoined Crocodile twins
  22. Interview with Kevin McCurley Part-2
  23. How come stuff like this never happens to me?? LOL
  24. NERD Interview part-3 (What's in a Magpie?)
  25. Where's BHB been?
  26. reptile radio
  27. 200mn-yr-old fossils reveal how snakes' syringe-like venom fangs evolved
  28. DOD tries to uncover secret of flying snakes
  29. Baby lizard squirms through faucet
  30. Do snakes eat turkey on thnaksgiving?
  31. Billy Bob Thornton hates lizards
  32. Here is where you can stick your regulations
  33. Man dies in crash after driver avoids alligator
  34. Reptile News: First snake bite death in WA since 1998
  35. Snake Fears! SnakeBytesTV
  36. Reptile News: Name that snake
  37. My Youtube
  38. Reptile News: Another person killed by a Cobra
  39. Reptile News: Why dont regulators use Scientific fact?
  40. Reptile News: Lizard boiled alive on TV?
  41. Reptile News: Nichole Kidman loves us.
  42. Reptile News: Florida extending gater hunting
  43. My new youtube channel
  44. Reptile News: Racer conservation.
  45. Reptile News: After 8 years lizard finally getting protection
  46. Reptile News: 18 cattle attacked by crocodile at Hlane
  47. SnakeBytesTV-NARBC Tinley Park
  48. Reptile News: Lucky escape from deadly 'toy' snake
  49. Reptile News: Cold water leaving Atlantic sea turtles stunned
  50. Reptile News: Fisherman chewed to bits.
  51. Reptile News: Anacondas threatened with extinction
  52. Reptile News: Smuggle this and that but let me keep my Croc.
  53. Reptile News: S373 is dead!!!
  54. Reptile News: Orange Alligator in sauce?
  55. HSUS gets $250,000 from Pepsi?
  56. Great... another Nimrod!
  57. Reptile News: $45,000 in reptiles stolen
  58. made some new vids
  59. Reptile News: Alligator takes mans arm.
  60. Reptile News: House gets raided and snakes taken.
  61. Reptile News: Kids are not born with a fear of snakes
  62. Reptile News: PETA is a domestic terror organization
  63. Reptile News: Snake rescue chicks rock!
  64. Reptile News: Endangered Crocodiles and Pot Alligator
  65. Reptile News: Sea Turtle nesting explodes.
  66. Reptile News: Crocodile twins hatch and are doing good.
  67. Reptile News: Cobra bites owner in NJ
  68. Reptile News: More on Cobra bites.
  69. Reptile News: Would you punch a Crocodile?
  70. Reptile News: My reptile hero
  71. Reptile News: Camerabytes and Alligator Lizards
  72. Reptile News: Box Turtle holds captives
  73. Reptile News: Thailand's biggest poacher arrested
  74. Reptile News: Australia Zoo closing?
  75. Reptile News: Stoners arrested for taking lizards.
  76. Reptile News: Albino Cobra sold by NJ,
  77. Serpents - BBC America
  78. Reptile News: Turtles are #1 in the race to extinction.
  79. Reptile News: 3 Foot Alligator in Pa
  80. Reptile News: Walmart sued for snake bite
  81. Reptile News: We are mass extincting.
  82. Reptile News: The Great Grandfather WINNING
  83. snake wranglers - wut
  84. Reptile News: 50,000 snake bite deaths per year?
  85. Big oopsie... - Cobra missing from the Bronx Zoo
  86. Missing Bronx Zoo cobra found!!!
  87. Bronx Zoos Cobra: The Truth Behind The Capture! by SnakebytesTV
  89. Season 2 of Python Hunters Starts Tonight!
  90. Reptile News: Snake head biting is not legal.
  91. Reptile News: Chicks love Alligators that can cook.
  92. Swamp Brothers Sneak Pick tonight on 10pm Discovery Channel
  93. My world, My passion, My dream!
  94. Reptile News: Reptile moms need love to HOTTIE WARNING!
  95. Dual Survivor in the Everglades - grilled Burmese Python...
  96. Reptile News: Reptile Commando fighting Humane Society.
  97. Greatest Marriage Proposal EVER.
  98. SnakeBytesTV-How Snakes Get Thier Names
  99. Reptile News: Just say no to Apple oh loose Gaters to.
  100. Legless Lizard Fossil Intermediate - news article
  101. Stand Up For Snakes! :D
  102. Reptile News: 10 foot Bull Snake's foiled plan
  103. Anyone See Swamp Wars Last Night?
  104. Reptile News: Animals being left to die at Seaway.
  105. House Full of Snakes!!
  106. SnakeBytesTV-Snake Planking
  107. SnakeBytes TV JerseyShore
  108. Reptile News: Public officials don't care about animals.
  109. RIP Luke Yeomans
  110. Footage: WDB Rattlesnake vs Kingsnake
  111. Redneck Herps Radio
  112. BP.Net Youtube List
  113. Orry Martin- Texas Snake Hunter
  114. Reptile News: Trial starts for toddlers death
  115. Reptile News: PETA protests Arizona Cardinals Darnell Dockett,
  116. Reptile News New Pit Viper guilty on all charges
  117. Boys Tragic Death Could Have Happened To Any Family With 20-Foot Pet Python
  118. Tom Crutchfield Incident On Swamp Wars Tonight
  119. Who are these guys?
  120. Reptile News: 1/3 increase in Alligator hunting applications.
  121. Got Some New Vids Up
  122. Reptile News: Snake riding on SUV hood
  123. Reptile News: Arabian Cobra first time captive breeding
  124. Almost gets tagged.
  125. Check out my youtube channel
  126. Reptile News: Crocodile Kills Tiger
  127. Reptile News: If you wont sell the snake I will just take it.
  128. Reptile News: Worst day ever for hunter
  129. Anyone missing a tiger retic?
  130. Reptile News: No more cats and dogs
  131. Pastel video
  132. Reptile News: Alligator chomps woman in half.
  133. Another slacking reporter
  134. Girls Posing with snakes (for a new snake calendar)
  135. Medusa, World's Largest Captive Snake
  136. Snake w/a foot discovered in China
  137. Canadian Reptile Show : SnakeBytesTV
  138. Pythons' big hearts hold clues for human health? They just might...
  139. Reptile Show + King Cobra = WINNING
  140. Burmese Python eats adult deer!
  141. gecko saves another gecko from snake
  142. Reptile News: Ecuador is a BAMF
  143. Boas like this are non-venomous, but, strong!
  144. BP.net and Snakebytes.tv
  145. World's smallest vertebrate is this frog
  146. New snake species discovered..
  147. This could not have happened at a worse time...
  148. I'm Snakey and I Know it !!!
  149. Snake Awareness Day - May 14th, 2012
  150. Oh, Animal Planet...
  151. Actress Alexis Knapp Breeds Snakes
  152. Brian Gundy
  153. How is Bindi Sue doing
  154. Redneck Herps Radio tomorrow night 9pm central time
  155. HerpVision
  156. Where does J. Kobylka get Black Mamba sheds???!!!
  157. Rattlesnake Bites Man in Walmart Garden Center
  158. Rattlesnake "The Lonely Island" spoof = BEAST
  159. memorial day
  160. JCP Found in Myrtle Beach Hotel...
  161. It's coming!!!!
  162. New Podcast starts this Saturday! Don't miss this!
  163. What the heck....python bites baby
  164. Neat news - What snake venom does to human blood
  165. Man charged after reptiles die in hot vehicle
  166. pet store python.
  167. Spider Girl Laying 7th of her 8 eggs-Video.
  168. King of the Hill anti-snake episode
  169. 17' python found in the everglades
  170. Another RTB On The Loose...
  171. Man dies in bug eating contest to win python...
  172. Questions for Ralph Davis???
  173. local news cops capture a ball python on bridge
  174. "Teen steps into snake nest; bitten 6 times"
  175. Evil ball python stabbed 19 times
  176. USARK Official Press Release...
  177. NARBC: North American Reptile Breeders Conference stands behind USARK & PIJAC
  178. Check out Wicked Cool Royals on HerpNation's Royally Addicted Radio Show!!
  179. Florida’s Great Snake Hunt Is a Cheap Stunt
  180. Shedding Help
  181. Full BHB interview!!
  182. Shipping - Heads Up
  183. H3 Radio with Colin Weaver
  184. H3-Garrick DeMeyer
  185. Listen to Heather Wong on H3 Radio
  186. Check out Justin Kobylka on H3 Radio
  187. Justin Sloan Interview with H3 Radio
  188. Did you guys here Sean Bradley on H3 Radio
  189. H3 Radio NERD
  190. H3 Radio Justin Kobylka
  191. H3 Radio Mark Petros
  192. H3 Radio Josh Harler
  193. H3 Radio Matt Minetolla
  194. H3 Radio Jeremy Stone
  195. H3 Radio Brian Gundy
  196. H3 Radio Raphy Martinez
  197. Python on the loose
  198. Stolen gecko in Bear, DE
  199. News: 2 die in rock python attack
  200. Burmese found in Storage shed
  201. NEWS: Ball Python on the loose.... here we go again :S
  202. Brian of BHB highlights Ball Pythons.net
  203. 7-Foot Boa Constrictor On the Loose
  204. 40 pythons found in Motel room
  205. Just like anything else....
  206. Hundreds of endangered desert tortoises to be euthanized
  207. Animal Planet: 'Surprisingly The Humane Society'
  208. African python kills 60 pound husky
  209. Brookfield police seek owner of ball python found on Quaboag Street in latest in seri
  210. Python Snake Loose in Issaquah High School
  211. Ball python run over on North Iron St.
  212. 8-foot boa still missing in Noblesville
  213. 4 new legless lizard species discovered in California
  214. This python in a party hat may be the cutest reptile you'll see today
  215. Quebec woman finds python, neighbour adopts as pet
  216. Conservation organization calls for nationwide crackdown on keeping snakes as pets
  217. Pet snakes can slither their way into your heart
  218. Mother catches 'feisty' albino king snake in her garden
  219. BP got bit by a small feeder RAT not mouse
  220. USDA Testing Python trap for use in the Everglades.
  221. What the Fungi? Not Our Snakes, Too!
  222. Family moving back into their home find 2ft PYTHON coiled around boiler pipes
  223. Good morning! Snake [ball python] greets woman as she arrives at office
  224. Police search for potential pythons in North Codorus Twp.
  225. Utah's 'Snake Man' sees increase in illegal reptiles
  226. "Python" killed on Cape Coral road
  227. Python regurgitating dog caught on video goes viral
  228. Boa Constrictor Found on Pali Highway (Hawaii)
  229. Aggressive pet python escapes, killing 2 cats before being captured
  230. More Florida Trouble
  231. Extinct lizard found
  232. As Constrictor Attacks Continue, Look to the Snake Trade (Op-Ed)
  233. Facebook story on python devouring two children in Masai is faked - police
  234. Police Concerned About Pythons on the Loose in Morrilton
  235. Feds Say Hands Tied by Congress on Python Fight
  236. WSU Vet College takes in abandoned snake
  237. GEORGE SMITH: Rat snakes, ball pythons could be slithering in your neighborhood
  238. Owner of The Boa Store busted for illegal reptiles
  239. Boa constrictor discovered in Chesapeake Yard
  240. Spurs Sharpshooter Danny Green Loves His Pet Boa Constrictors
  241. Canada: Edmonton father fined for keeping house full of rattlesnakes
  242. Did Snakes Help Build the Primate Brain?
  243. Have you ever read a news story that just REALLY pissed you off?
  244. BFUSA: Pet Snakes Are Constricting Our Public Safety
  245. Debate.org
  246. Giant Pythons Create Problems In Southwest Dade
  247. The Everglades has a new villain: omnivorous lizards
  248. The Largest Snake in the World Has Invaded the United States.
  249. Florida says Python Challenge hunt was a one-off Read more: http://www.upi.com/Scien
  250. Science: Dynamic blood veins in the eye spectacle; tongue isn't just for smell!!