Welcome to our Regional Forums!

ALL of the Terms of Service and Site Rules of BP.net apply within these forums.

In particular, there will be NO selling or soliciting allowed in these forums.

Topics for the Regional Forums should include Herp Events, discussions about local get-togethers, advice on finding local suppliers, and general off-topic banter related to your region and/or the people in it.

Specific herp discussions (ie: Why won't my snake eat?) should be created in their proper topical forum and will be moved there by staff if necessary. And once again, NO sales discussions or solicitations for goods will be allowed. General advice on finding suppliers, and general recommendations of suppliers is fine...but no self-promotion and no lists of goods either for sale or wanted to buy.

These forums have been created on a trial basis and may be compressed into sub-forums if they get little use...or removed altogether if they are abused with excessive sales or other infractions against the TOS.